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ANAדירוג כולל בהתבסס על 4690 חוות דעת
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They wouldn’t let me board because Japan changed their entry policies and I did not get notified. Had to wait another day, pay rebooking fees and miss my family that I haven’t seen in 4 months. TERRIBLE!!

מידע נוסף על ANA

They wouldn’t let me board because Japan changed their entry policies and I did not get notified. Had to wait another day, pay rebooking fees and miss my family that I haven’t seen in 4 months. TERRIBLE!!

יתרונות: "the Crew as always on ANA flights is amazing"
חסרונות: "I was not aware that I flew in Narita and flew out of another airport."
חסרונות: "!"
יתרונות: "The seat is very comfotable. But on the fright from Japan to Bangkok very upset me and my husband. We sat seperated, but on the plane we saw 2 seats available, I asked woman crew that can we move to that seats. She went to talk with the guy who sat on the aisle seat. I heard he said he reserved"
חסרונות: "The seat beside him for his friend. And the crew said to me she so sorry I couldn't move to sit with my husband. But later no body beside him and he lay down 3 seats all the way. And the crew do nothing for us. We very dissapointed."
חסרונות: "Narita to Honolulu sector has not enough food for breakfast noting Honolulu airport has got nothing to offer!!!"
חסרונות: "Boarding is done by a bus trip onto the tarmac, then you take the rolling stairs up into the plane. No in flight entertainment of any sort."
יתרונות: "Perhaps the most courteous airline I’ve experienced."
יתרונות: "Friendly attentive staff."
חסרונות: "The seat was narrow and after 9 hours, not comfortable... Normal for economy though"
יתרונות: "Clean plane, comfy seats and great staff"
חסרונות: "Everything was good didn’t hate anything"
יתרונות: "Enough legroom/more than what you’d find on your standard 4-5 hour flights. The stewardesses were great! They attended to every need with a smile. They did a great job of making sure everyone was comfortable."
חסרונות: "They need some vegetarian options for meals."
יתרונות: "Staff and crew were great. Very accommodating."
חסרונות: "I unfortunately got placed in the middle of one large person and one person who had a strong body odor. Unfortunate but it happens."
יתרונות: "Even though the flight was around 45 min, still got a nice cup of consomme soup while I was working on the in-flight WiFi. Overall good for a short flight but basic interior with poor visibility of safety video on 787-9."
חסרונות: "Boarding is a bit chaotic. Only people at the front of the queue can see the correct places to stand, so many people were trying to push in the front of the queue because the signs weren't visible from some angles or from far away. Basically couldn't see the inflight safety videos from my seat (17K) because of the curvature of the overhead bins and positions of the few screens (no seat-back monitors)."
יתרונות: "Service Staff Price Professionalism as the ticketing area Great in dealing with children"
חסרונות: "The lounge was somehow poor and noisy because of the airport constructions."
יתרונות: "Smooth boarding and smiley staff."
חסרונות: "No tv/ intertainment on the plane"
יתרונות: "Had the katsudon and it was great, love the little tapas dishes they include with it."
חסרונות: "Would have loved to get a hot towel and slippers. 787 got quite cold when sitting in the middle section. Didn’t seem to have any way to control it."
יתרונות: "The crew are all nice and helpful"
חסרונות: "Enjoy the free money, cause I didn't go on my flight. Work had me cancel my vacation a month ago. I tried to cancel, but it wouldn't let me. I tried cancelling through the insurance I purchased on it and they said they couldn't either (even though cancellation was covered in full)."
חסרונות: "Great staff and food for a plane."
חסרונות: "Everything. The best I I"
יתרונות: "Boarding priority with kids, food choices, flight attendant so nice ans caring, kids friendly and child meal is nice and tasty"
חסרונות: "Very limit kids entertainment"
יתרונות: "The seat was nice"
חסרונות: "Service was extremely slow, it took almost two hours just to get offered a drink. There wasn't any offering after boarding and I had to ask just to get water. The food was quite bad, normally I would choose the Japanese meal, however, both the Japanese and International options were poor. The staff seemed unorganized and did not follow a set protocol."
יתרונות: "Service and food were great."
חסרונות: "That I was listed as standby when I went to check in; I eventually got my ticket and my preferred seat selection."
יתרונות: "It was fast and the crew got right to it as far as take off and getting home."
יתרונות: "Food and Sitting Space"
חסרונות: "Nothing"
יתרונות: "The airline offer a lot of food on the plane including Hagen Daz ice cream. The service was excellent, flight attendances were polite and always smile. The seat was very comfortable!"
יתרונות: "Not crowded"
חסרונות: ""
יתרונות: "This was my first time flying ANA (LAX to Haneda and back) and I have to admit it was surprisingly great. I am a pretty tall guy and found the room for my feet in economy to be more than adequate even though i found myself in a middle seat both flights. The flight attendants were extremely attentive, even as my flights were both overnight/red-eyes. The selection of movies available at each seat was pretty good and included your standard Hollywood stuff along with a decent selection of Japanese film, television, and various documentaries. Whether or not subtitles are available for non-Japanese speakers for Japanese language media was kind of hit and miss (I actually did browse around quite a bit), but I was impressed nonetheless. I would warn some western based travelers that they may not find the food to be all that appetizing. I chose the Japanese style option both flights (rice, miso, salad, fish), however I know that had I had any of my family members along for the flight they would have gone with the international option and they probably wouldn't have enjoyed it all that much."
יתרונות: "Staff were pleasant. Flights left on time. Really enjoyed the ANA lounge in Haneda."
חסרונות: "The food met airline standards, which are generally pretty low."
יתרונות: "Great airline!"
חסרונות: "some of the gates can be long walk"
יתרונות: "Seat was good and slept like a baby"
חסרונות: "Nothing really, slept the whole way"
יתרונות: "Flight spot on time."
חסרונות: "Can't think of a better thing"
חסרונות: "Nothing"
יתרונות: "Food and movies options."
חסרונות: "Not enough help to put my carry on on the overhead luggage storage."
יתרונות: "Polite attendants"
חסרונות: "small leg room......"
חסרונות: "The weather made the approach at Narita really bumpy, not anyone's fault. I thought the pilot did a very good job landing."
יתרונות: "Attendants are helpful and polite. There is actually leg room in economy section. And they were on time on all 4 legs we flew with them."
יתרונות: "Clean cabin. Courteous and friendly attendants. Inflight amenities were excellent. Meals were perfectly portioned and delicious!!!"
חסרונות: "N/A"
יתרונות: "Very nice flight. The plane was in great shape and the stewardesses were very nice."
יתרונות: "Ok"
חסרונות: "Not ok"
יתרונות: "Friendly and attentive flight attendants. The food were decent. The snacks through the flight were very good."
חסרונות: "The limited entertainment. Some of the Japanese TV drama doesnt have English substitle."
יתרונות: "It was clean and nice"
חסרונות: "Not enough English movies/tv shows"
יתרונות: "As always, the Japanese customer service is wonderful - I have no complaints in that department!"
חסרונות: "The boarding process is pretty annoying....they do not board until minutes before the flight time and we still had to take a bus to the actual plane. We took off late (which, personally, at this point, I had just been on a 14 hour flight plus the 2 hours layover) - a delay just added to the exhaustion. Also, the plane was very old and very hot...even though it was only a one hour flight, it was very uncomfortable and outdated."
חסרונות: "The food tasted very much like caned food and the seat had a pouch from wear and tear which wasn't very comfortable at all. Service didn't seem to anticipate service or emphasize needs."
יתרונות: "Everyone staff member was friendly and helpful. Dinner was great."
חסרונות: "The only thing I did not enjoy was breakfast . Selection was not great, we did not eat."
יתרונות: "Everyone crew members was very friendly and helpful. I"
יתרונות: "I liked the crew both on the ground and in the plane. They were friendly, responsive, and skilled. I liked the seat which was comfortable. I liked the quilt and pillow for sleeping."
חסרונות: "There wasn't anything I can say I didn't like. The movie selection could have been better. The video or TV lacked high-end shows - HBO etc. The headphones could do a better job of blocking out background noise."
יתרונות: "I liked my seat. It was in the first row behind first class. The ticket lady was very nice and patient"
חסרונות: "I was very frustrated because I thought I had 90 minutes between flights but by the time I got my luggage it was too late to get my scheduled plane. This forced me to wait two hours for the next plane after I had been on a plane for 13 hours."
חסרונות: "Your crew didn't smile. They didn't seem very happy. The food was ok, but different from normal American cuisine. I didn't appreciate the crew's comments to some of my fellow passengers about how they we wouldn't eat the food. I would have liked to have been offered more to drink. Additionally I'm glad the crew is fond of one another, but they were loud and distracting. They were nicer to one another than the people flying. I didn't like being barked at and being given confusing directions regarding exiting the plane. Overall I wasn't impressed and would prefer to not fly with your airline again."
יתרונות: "Food was not available for flight."
חסרונות: "Food"
חסרונות: "Many delays boarding plane. No entertainment at all on a flight longer than 3 hours is insane. Flight crew are great, though."
חסרונות: "This is the last time I perches a flight ticket from you."
יתרונות: "Nothing."
חסרונות: "Drops coming down from the Air condition system"
יתרונות: "Good. Thank you."
חסרונות: "Another snack midflight."
חסרונות: "All great"
חסרונות: "Big and unjustified dekay"
יתרונות: "Crew was great"
חסרונות: "Didn't have the vegetarian meal I ordered"
יתרונות: "Really friendly crew"
חסרונות: "No entertainment, worst food I've ever had at an airline"
חסרונות: "My sun glasses were stolen out of my luggage !!"
חסרונות: "the seats and service as a whole"
חסרונות: "I missed the flight to Manchester due to delay in the flight to Munich"
חסרונות: "We had 30 minutes delay"
חסרונות: "i ordered 1 kosher meal and the flight attendant said they gave out all special meals and ours was not on the list"
יתרונות: "Everything was excellent, there was no entertainment but wasn't needed because it was a short flight"
חסרונות: "We got there 15 minutes late, which isn't that bad but I had a connection flight and it was very pressed to get to it"
יתרונות: "The service. Smooth flight."
יתרונות: "Great crew. Ontime. Great online check in process."
חסרונות: "When we got off the plane in Frankfurt, they put us in shuttle buses to take us to the terminal. My wife and I got separated and were on different buses. The two buses took us to different terminals, despite airport staff assuring us that there was only one drop-off point for the shuttles. If there was a sign saying which terminal the shuttle was going to, it was not clear."
חסרונות: "Flew in business class so baggage should have had priority tag on it. Bag is lost and they have no idea where it is. Ruined an otherwise wonderful trip."
חסרונות: "When I picked up my luggage one piece had a broken zipper and my belongings fell out"
יתרונות: "Great pilots and crew."
חסרונות: "Flight out was delayed by four and a half hours, missed connection was a pain. Was not aware that Lufthansa changed their policy. To reserve seats you have to pay hundreds of dollars, which was not made clear while booking. Further the quality of their food was significantly degraded."
יתרונות: "crew is nice"
חסרונות: "breakfast was pretty lame !"
יתרונות: "Went smoothly and without delays"
חסרונות: "Food was horrible. The buns and croissant were cold and not fresh"
חסרונות: "Where is my bag"
חסרונות: "* The gate was with bus, and not a direct terminal connection * There were no drawing sets for kids * The food was either overheated or somehow impacted - didn't look proper"
חסרונות: "Bought these tickets almost a year in advance. Never given the option to select seats. Both my husband and I were stuck in the middle seats or not together on each leg of our flight. Food was horrible on every leg. Husbands tv did not work. I am petite and seats too small even for me. never again will o give this airline my money."
חסרונות: "Guy next to me died. Emergency landing. They refused to hold the gate for my connection in Frankfurt for 15 minutes."
יתרונות: "Accurate. Friendly."
חסרונות: "My suitcase weal broke during the flight!!"
יתרונות: "The crew was very helpful, attentive, and friendly."
חסרונות: "The vegetarian (Lacto-Ovo) meal options were terrible, and the seats were fine, but not amazing."
יתרונות: "A lot of drinks"
חסרונות: "One hour in late"
חסרונות: "I was transferred to the flight through vienna, vienna-berlin was cancelled and i am stuck in Vienna"
חסרונות: "2 hours delay. Bad food"
יתרונות: "The crew"
חסרונות: "No TV"
חסרונות: "I didn't got the seats i asked for in the check in."
יתרונות: "Crew was nice."
חסרונות: "Flight was delayed. No entertainment, even though there is an app for it, it did not work, and the crew had no idea regarding it."
יתרונות: "Stuff"
חסרונות: "Little food"
יתרונות: "Everything is very good!"
חסרונות: "Not enough leg ro in economy section."
חסרונות: "The flight was delayed 1.5 hrs and then completely canceled. They never gave us a reason as to why it as canceled and when they canceled it, they directed the entire group of the people on the plane to 4 different gates before getting a gate agent to tell us that we had to leave the gate and go back to the ticket counter and start over again. The security in Israel is very intense, so this was a big hassle. Then they only had 3-4 gate agents to rebook all 300+ people on the flight so we waited in like for 3 hours."
יתרונות: "I flew economy class both ways across the Atlantic in Feb and March, 2017. I took 6 Lufthansa flights. The crew is so professional and attentive. They don't skimp on drinks! The seats seem bigger...or maybe it is more leg room than some other airlines. I did not upgrade and was very comfortable."
חסרונות: "Well, the flight from Frankfurt to Tel Aviv both ways and there were only 2 bathrooms for a pretty big flight."
יתרונות: "This was still a Lufthansa flight. Meaning there was a lot of leg room, the food was nice and the staff was great."
חסרונות: "The only thing i did not like is that for such a long flight (5 hours), also being an international flight, i was expecting an entertainment center, but there was none."
חסרונות: "Checking in in Tel Aviv was the worst experience I have had in checking in. The ladies just sat there, explained almost nothing, gave no eye contact. Finally, they told me the flight was overbooked and that was why I was waiitng. They offered nothing else--as if I had done something wrong (the impression they gave me), rather than Lufthansa. I waited a full 1 1/2 hours. No other explanation. At the very end, when they finally put me on a flight, they chastised me for not checking in online---this was NEVER offered to me by Lufthansa on my flight there or on the return. With other airlines they always send me an email to check in online ahead of time. Lufthansa did not. I could not have been more disappointed with this checking in experience with Lufthansa. Again, the worst in my life and would be cause for me not to recommend Lufthansa to others. Otherwise, the flight itself and the actual crew were great. So disappointing to have such an unprofessional check in experience."
יתרונות: "Crew onboard was attentive and helpful."
חסרונות: "No legroom in coach. The person in front of me was sitting in my lap. They are the only airline that weighs your handbag, the luggage you take onboard. E en of it fits the size requirements they weigh it and make you confirm. They don't care if your checked luggage is underweight but your hand luggage is overweight and both add up to less than what you're allowed overall. Makes no sense and is such a useless hassle."
יתרונות: "Crew service"
חסרונות: "No entertainment on board"
יתרונות: "Smooth flight"
חסרונות: "1) No jetway. Bussed very long distance to board airplane. Long, hot, uncomfortable process. This is 2016 and still bussing passengers to plane? 2) No way to download entertainment app while on board when announcement made about entertainment. Need to notify passengers prior to boarding."
חסרונות: "seats are way too close to each other."
חסרונות: "I didn't like that I bought a bottle of perfume and they let me take it from Israel to Germany without a problem, and as soon as I got to Germany they trashed it saying that it should've been in a sealed bag, so 80$ went to trash or God knows where,,"
חסרונות: "It was late, we had connection to Berlin and we were in a hurry And forgot things on the plain. They didn't make arrangements to help us be on time for our connection. We had to run. My name is Dan Chevion. Can we get back the items we forgot on the plain?"
יתרונות: "good seats."
חסרונות: "crowded smelly gate, horrible seats, overcrowded bus out to the plane, which was late. to be fair, this is probably not Lufthansa's fault, unless their arrangement with Tel-Aviv airport always results in these awful gate assignments. we then stood outside on the tarmac on those external roll-up stairways. for a good 15 minutes. waiting to get inside the plane. Full sun exposure in the middle of summer. no sign of the crew. WHY."
חסרונות: "They allow you to pull out your own laptop and access their wifi and entertainment content but provide no outlets to charge your device to do so"
מידע על נגיף הקורונה COVID-19

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2 עצירותלופטהנזה
25 ש' ו-50 ד'TLV-ITM
2 עצירותלופטהנזה
33 ש' ו-15 ד'ITM-TLV
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21 ש' ו-50 ד'TLV-ITM
2 עצירותANA
25 ש' ו-55 ד'ITM-TLV
2 עצירותלופטהנזה
25 ש' ו-50 ד'TLV-ITM
2 עצירותלופטהנזה
33 ש' ו-15 ד'ITM-TLV
2 עצירותלופטהנזה
25 ש' ו-50 ד'TLV-ITM
2 עצירותלופטהנזה
33 ש' ו-15 ד'ITM-TLV

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