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דירוגים על בסיס חוות הדעת של משתמשי KAYAK
אג'יאן איירליינסדירוג כולל בהתבסס על 3109 חוות דעת
7.9עלייה למטוס
חוות דעת חברות תעופה
יתרונות: "The seats very tightly spaced and did not reclnine"
חסרונות: "The flights war 2 hours late and the boarding was totally disorganized."
מידע נוסף על אג'יאן איירליינס
יתרונות: "The seats very tightly spaced and did not reclnine"
חסרונות: "The flights war 2 hours late and the boarding was totally disorganized."
יתרונות: "crew was great and flight was on time"
חסרונות: "Fully booked flight. Very noisy"
חסרונות: "The crew is not nice and rude. The checkin counter didnt allow me to have overweight of 300 grams. Ridiculous. At some areas of the plan the air conditioning doesn't work well"
חסרונות: "The crew is not nice and rude. The checkin counter didnt allow me to have overweight of 300 grams. Ridiculous. At some areas of the plan the air conditioning doesn't work well."
יתרונות: "Not much! Boarding was a nightmare, nobody knew which was the gate and actually they never put it up on the depatscreen. I felt like cattle!"
חסרונות: "Get organized! Let the passengers know the gate, board by zones instead of a cattle call 45min. before boarding and having to endure the pushing and shoving during this time. Getting in an airplane where people are trying to find a place for their belongings, not finding any and clogging the way."
חסרונות: "the connecting flight was missed because of a delay in the first flight. i got a different flight with a different airline (sas), they were not informed that i paid extra weight and window seat. i am very unhappy! not to mention that the whole purpuise of my trip is gone, because i a will arrive to copenhagen five hours late for the meeting i was supposed to hold with my fans! i will never fly with egean again!"
יתרונות: "The space for the legs"
יתרונות: "Friendly crew, clean and comfortable plane"
יתרונות: "Very punctual and easy. Very friendly crew."
חסרונות: "The seats feel small both in width and in leg room. Online check in did not work properly--I got a message that I was put on the stand-by list."
יתרונות: "Hi, i was surprised that i had to ask an extra money for my suitcase, because when I ordered the flights nothing was written about extra payment!"
חסרונות: "Flight was late two hours..."
חסרונות: "Had to double pay for baggage. Total scam"
חסרונות: "I booked for baggage through kayak and had to pay again. What a scam"
חסרונות: "Everything. Our flight delayed that can happen. But what can’t happen is the total lack of service. Shame No wonder Greece is bankrupt. Zero zero"
יתרונות: "Every thing was fast,easy & kindly I didn’t eat-can’t say my opinion"
חסרונות: "Luggage was not included in the ticket price and it was never specified when we purchased the tickets"
יתרונות: "Very good company Nice staff"
יתרונות: "Good planes. Kosher food was awful. No entertainment."
יתרונות: "There was food even for low cost travel. Very good plane"
יתרונות: "All"
יתרונות: "The staff was polite."
חסרונות: "For some reason my boarding pass wasn't scanning. They took me to the side and had to do it manually even though everything was correct."
חסרונות: "5 hours delay"
חסרונות: "THe food"
יתרונות: "No complaints!!"
יתרונות: "Everything was perfect, the flight late a little but it was ok with the connection...."
חסרונות: "1. I could not get answer from Aegean airlines if the serve food on the board. They said nothing about it when I booked the flight. 2. It was clear for me that I can give 1 piece of luggage, 23 Kg , for free. I was surprised at the check in that I have to pay for it $54 !!!! Why you don't say it when I booked the flight?????"
חסרונות: "not enough leg room"
יתרונות: "While we have some ratings of 1, 2, and 3; over all we gave Aegean a 5 because of the excellent accommodations they made for my wife who is handicapped. They went out of their way to make sure she got wheelchair assistance, and lift assistance up to the airplane.."
חסרונות: "No entertainment and the food, although free, was basic doughy bites of something I couldn't recognize."
יתרונות: "They charge us 40 ero each for bagage. Mabe it was my foult thst i didnt notice that the air price not include bage. Smal wotld u know I thing it is not fair"
יתרונות: "On time and good service"
יתרונות: "They compensated us with a free one-way plane ticket (with lots of restrictions) and refreshments at the airport cafe."
חסרונות: "The flight kept being delayed and they jerked us around for several hours, updating the departure time three or four different times and changing the gate but not updating the board or consistently making announcements. They should have just made a decision and stuck with it and better communicated what was going on. My poor friend was waiting for me in Larnaca so she stayed at the airport each time thinking I would soon arrive."
יתרונות: "Plane was clean and there was enough room"
חסרונות: "The boarding gate on the ticket was wrong - twice."
יתרונות: "I did not take the flight as I had to cancel my reservation due to a medical problem."
חסרונות: "I'm sure it would have been a lovely flight had I taken it."
יתרונות: "nothing"
חסרונות: "no words to describe how bad it was - the main problem was the operated company at Israel"
יתרונות: "efficiency and a sense of a smile from the ground staff"
חסרונות: "the fully booked plane."
יתרונות: "Meal"
חסרונות: "It is very inconvenient and seems to waste a lot of time. That is my only complaint."
יתרונות: "Snack was a light meal of pasta with melted white cheese & spinach, bread sticks, and a pastry/cookie. Yummy!"
חסרונות: "Plane remained on tarmac for 45 minutes before leaving causing us to be about 1 hour late."
יתרונות: "Great crew, great service. Super clean airplane. Fast checkin and baggage drop off."
חסרונות: "I was surprised, and only for the best!"
יתרונות: "Quick. Clean plane"
חסרונות: "Boarding a bit long but still fine"
יתרונות: "Hfghfnnfdvjjffb ffnmfxjjtfjkyg hhfbjfbkffjj gdhjgg"
חסרונות: "Fjhdjjgjk fhjkrscmloj kgdblohg fjgjj dhlydhkk dhkrhk"
יתרונות: "Fast, clean, gracious."
חסרונות: "Food."
יתרונות: "Good service"
חסרונות: "Luggage was not included in the price of the ticket- had to pay $ 40.00 for each suitcase/bag."
חסרונות: "The price of the ticket did not include luggage. The biggest problem is that it was not mentioned anywhere during the booking process, and I found out that extra 40$ should be payed for every suitcase at the checkin desk."
יתרונות: "Very comfortable"
חסרונות: "A short flight so not that important but the seats were a bit narrow and mine being in front of an exit row did not recline"
חסרונות: "Waiting area was very crowded. The flight was delayed."
יתרונות: "the food was really good, and somone met us to get us to the next flight"
יתרונות: "Nice and clean aircraft nice service"
יתרונות: "Nothing."
חסרונות: "Drops coming down from the Air condition system"
יתרונות: "Half empty plane"
חסרונות: "Food n movies"
חסרונות: "Another snack midflight."
חסרונות: "All great"
יתרונות: "Crew was great"
חסרונות: "Didn't have the vegetarian meal I ordered"
יתרונות: "Really friendly crew"
חסרונות: "No entertainment, worst food I've ever had at an airline"
חסרונות: "My sun glasses were stolen out of my luggage !!"
חסרונות: "the seats and service as a whole"
חסרונות: "I missed the flight to Manchester due to delay in the flight to Munich"
יתרונות: "Friendly staff.. Good food and as we had emergency exit seats there was plenty of leg room. Unfortunately no entertainment was offered on this flight."
חסרונות: "No entertainment. Plane was cold."
חסרונות: "i ordered 1 kosher meal and the flight attendant said they gave out all special meals and ours was not on the list"
חסרונות: "I couldn’t eat the food"
יתרונות: "On time, easy boarding, nice crew"
חסרונות: "Seats were hard as rocks, I was squirming within the first hour. No entertainment."
יתרונות: "The service. Smooth flight."
יתרונות: "Great crew. Ontime. Great online check in process."
חסרונות: "When we got off the plane in Frankfurt, they put us in shuttle buses to take us to the terminal. My wife and I got separated and were on different buses. The two buses took us to different terminals, despite airport staff assuring us that there was only one drop-off point for the shuttles. If there was a sign saying which terminal the shuttle was going to, it was not clear."
חסרונות: "Cramped seating :-0"
יתרונות: "Great pilots and crew."
חסרונות: "Flight out was delayed by four and a half hours, missed connection was a pain. Was not aware that Lufthansa changed their policy. To reserve seats you have to pay hundreds of dollars, which was not made clear while booking. Further the quality of their food was significantly degraded."
יתרונות: "crew is nice"
חסרונות: "breakfast was pretty lame !"
חסרונות: "Where is my bag"
יתרונות: "Very good care ofrom the staf Not cold"
חסרונות: "The breakfest was terible. Not tacty a t all. No entertainment. We took 2 difernt meals and both bad"
חסרונות: "Terrible boarding. Finally we were almost 1 hour delay in departure"
חסרונות: "Bought these tickets almost a year in advance. Never given the option to select seats. Both my husband and I were stuck in the middle seats or not together on each leg of our flight. Food was horrible on every leg. Husbands tv did not work. I am petite and seats too small even for me. never again will o give this airline my money."
יתרונות: "the seat was cool, txting home while flying was nice. charging phone is always great"
חסרונות: "seat was tough, food was not fabulous..."
יתרונות: "Accurate. Friendly."
חסרונות: "My suitcase weal broke during the flight!!"
יתרונות: "The crew was very helpful, attentive, and friendly."
חסרונות: "The vegetarian (Lacto-Ovo) meal options were terrible, and the seats were fine, but not amazing."
יתרונות: "A lot of drinks"
חסרונות: "One hour in late"
חסרונות: "2 hours delay. Bad food"
יתרונות: "Nothing"
חסרונות: "The flight was cancelled , for tecnical reason, we got very late flight instead- 12 hours delayed. We didn't get compensated for tall the in convenience"
יתרונות: "Nice crew"
חסרונות: "Delay for 45 minutes; unfortunately, it's becoming a trend at Lufthansa"
יתרונות: "The food (breakfast) was great. The plane was clean. The whole operation was very orderly."
חסרונות: "Nothing"
יתרונות: "The flight crew was amazing.I recommend this service to anyone who's traveling"
יתרונות: "Friendly. And efficirnt crew"
חסרונות: "I didn't got the seats i asked for in the check in."
יתרונות: "Stuff"
חסרונות: "Little food"
חסרונות: "Many of us were on board half an hour before the scheduled departure. However, they continued to board until at least half an hour past our scheduled departure, family by family. I don't believe such an early morning flight, which should be the origination flight, should be held/delayed so long...it made my connection in Frankfurt very tight and others missed theirs altogether."
חסרונות: "The flight was delayed 1.5 hrs and then completely canceled. They never gave us a reason as to why it as canceled and when they canceled it, they directed the entire group of the people on the plane to 4 different gates before getting a gate agent to tell us that we had to leave the gate and go back to the ticket counter and start over again. The security in Israel is very intense, so this was a big hassle. Then they only had 3-4 gate agents to rebook all 300+ people on the flight so we waited in like for 3 hours."
יתרונות: "Traveling in early February, the plane was relatively empty. Crew was very nice."
חסרונות: "No entertainment on flight! Smallish plane."
יתרונות: "This was still a Lufthansa flight. Meaning there was a lot of leg room, the food was nice and the staff was great."
חסרונות: "The only thing i did not like is that for such a long flight (5 hours), also being an international flight, i was expecting an entertainment center, but there was none."
יתרונות: "Service & food were good in business class."
חסרונות: "The business class seats were identical to coach, with no leg room."
יתרונות: "I was rescheduled on another flight improperly"
חסרונות: "Flight did not take off staff was rude unhelpful I won't use them again"
יתרונות: "."
חסרונות: "The seats were too hard. I have never felt that way on any other flights."
יתרונות: "Everything about the service staff the plane amazing"
יתרונות: "Crew service"
חסרונות: "No entertainment on board"
חסרונות: "seats are way too close to each other."
חסרונות: "I didn't like that I bought a bottle of perfume and they let me take it from Israel to Germany without a problem, and as soon as I got to Germany they trashed it saying that it should've been in a sealed bag, so 80$ went to trash or God knows where,,"
חסרונות: "It was late, we had connection to Berlin and we were in a hurry And forgot things on the plain. They didn't make arrangements to help us be on time for our connection. We had to run. My name is Dan Chevion. Can we get back the items we forgot on the plain?"
יתרונות: "good seats."
חסרונות: "crowded smelly gate, horrible seats, overcrowded bus out to the plane, which was late. to be fair, this is probably not Lufthansa's fault, unless their arrangement with Tel-Aviv airport always results in these awful gate assignments. we then stood outside on the tarmac on those external roll-up stairways. for a good 15 minutes. waiting to get inside the plane. Full sun exposure in the middle of summer. no sign of the crew. WHY."
חסרונות: "Not enough leg room in Economy. God reason to fly other airline"
חסרונות: "They allow you to pull out your own laptop and access their wifi and entertainment content but provide no outlets to charge your device to do so"
חסרונות: "No entertainment"

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