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דירוגים על בסיס חוות הדעת של משתמשי KAYAK
לופטהנזהדירוג כולל בהתבסס על 29056 חוות דעת
8.0עלייה למטוס
חוות דעת חברות תעופה
חסרונות: "Your crew didn't smile. They didn't seem very happy. The food was ok, but different from normal American cuisine. I didn't appreciate the crew's comments to some of my fellow passengers about how they we wouldn't eat the food. I would have liked to have been offered more to drink. Additionally I'm glad the crew is fond of one another, but they were loud and distracting. They were nicer to one another than the people flying. I didn't like being barked at and being given confusing directions regarding exiting the plane. Overall I wasn't impressed and would prefer to not fly with your airline again."
מידע נוסף על לופטהנזה
חסרונות: "Your crew didn't smile. They didn't seem very happy. The food was ok, but different from normal American cuisine. I didn't appreciate the crew's comments to some of my fellow passengers about how they we wouldn't eat the food. I would have liked to have been offered more to drink. Additionally I'm glad the crew is fond of one another, but they were loud and distracting. They were nicer to one another than the people flying. I didn't like being barked at and being given confusing directions regarding exiting the plane. Overall I wasn't impressed and would prefer to not fly with your airline again."
יתרונות: "Food was not available for flight."
חסרונות: "Food"
יתרונות: "Nothing."
חסרונות: "Drops coming down from the Air condition system"
יתרונות: "Good. Thank you."
חסרונות: "All great"
יתרונות: "Crew was great"
חסרונות: "Didn't have the vegetarian meal I ordered"
יתרונות: "Really friendly crew"
חסרונות: "No entertainment, worst food I've ever had at an airline"
חסרונות: "My sun glasses were stolen out of my luggage !!"
חסרונות: "the seats and service as a whole"
חסרונות: "I missed the flight to Manchester due to delay in the flight to Munich"
יתרונות: "Friendly staff.. Good food and as we had emergency exit seats there was plenty of leg room. Unfortunately no entertainment was offered on this flight."
חסרונות: "No entertainment. Plane was cold."
חסרונות: "We had 30 minutes delay"
חסרונות: "I couldn’t eat the food"
יתרונות: "On time, easy boarding, nice crew"
חסרונות: "Seats were hard as rocks, I was squirming within the first hour. No entertainment."
יתרונות: "The service. Smooth flight."
חסרונות: "Need AC outlets and TVs"
חסרונות: "When I picked up my luggage one piece had a broken zipper and my belongings fell out"
יתרונות: "crew is nice"
חסרונות: "breakfast was pretty lame !"
יתרונות: "Went smoothly and without delays"
חסרונות: "Food was horrible. The buns and croissant were cold and not fresh"
חסרונות: "Where is my bag"
יתרונות: "Very good care ofrom the staf Not cold"
חסרונות: "The breakfest was terible. Not tacty a t all. No entertainment. We took 2 difernt meals and both bad"
חסרונות: "Terrible boarding. Finally we were almost 1 hour delay in departure"
חסרונות: "Bought these tickets almost a year in advance. Never given the option to select seats. Both my husband and I were stuck in the middle seats or not together on each leg of our flight. Food was horrible on every leg. Husbands tv did not work. I am petite and seats too small even for me. never again will o give this airline my money."
יתרונות: "the seat was cool, txting home while flying was nice. charging phone is always great"
חסרונות: "seat was tough, food was not fabulous..."
יתרונות: "Accurate. Friendly."
חסרונות: "My suitcase weal broke during the flight!!"
יתרונות: "A lot of drinks"
חסרונות: "One hour in late"
חסרונות: "2 hours delay. Bad food"
יתרונות: "Nothing"
חסרונות: "The flight was cancelled , for tecnical reason, we got very late flight instead- 12 hours delayed. We didn't get compensated for tall the in convenience"
יתרונות: "Nice crew"
חסרונות: "Delay for 45 minutes; unfortunately, it's becoming a trend at Lufthansa"
יתרונות: "The crew were very helpful, and the food was quite good."
חסרונות: "This was an old plane. There were no video screens or wifi. Legroom was minimal."
יתרונות: "The food (breakfast) was great. The plane was clean. The whole operation was very orderly."
חסרונות: "Nothing"
יתרונות: "The crew"
חסרונות: "No TV"
יתרונות: "food was great"
חסרונות: "gate changed and we gad to take the bus to the plane which lead to sn delay and almost the plane couldn't leave before the airport closed. however, we eventually made it ..."
יתרונות: "Friendly. And efficirnt crew"
חסרונות: "I didn't got the seats i asked for in the check in."
יתרונות: "Stuff"
חסרונות: "Little food"
יתרונות: "Everything is very good!"
חסרונות: "Not enough leg ro in economy section."
חסרונות: "The flight was delayed 1.5 hrs and then completely canceled. They never gave us a reason as to why it as canceled and when they canceled it, they directed the entire group of the people on the plane to 4 different gates before getting a gate agent to tell us that we had to leave the gate and go back to the ticket counter and start over again. The security in Israel is very intense, so this was a big hassle. Then they only had 3-4 gate agents to rebook all 300+ people on the flight so we waited in like for 3 hours."
יתרונות: "This was still a Lufthansa flight. Meaning there was a lot of leg room, the food was nice and the staff was great."
חסרונות: "The only thing i did not like is that for such a long flight (5 hours), also being an international flight, i was expecting an entertainment center, but there was none."
יתרונות: "."
חסרונות: "The seats were too hard. I have never felt that way on any other flights."
חסרונות: "Checking in in Tel Aviv was the worst experience I have had in checking in. The ladies just sat there, explained almost nothing, gave no eye contact. Finally, they told me the flight was overbooked and that was why I was waiitng. They offered nothing else--as if I had done something wrong (the impression they gave me), rather than Lufthansa. I waited a full 1 1/2 hours. No other explanation. At the very end, when they finally put me on a flight, they chastised me for not checking in online---this was NEVER offered to me by Lufthansa on my flight there or on the return. With other airlines they always send me an email to check in online ahead of time. Lufthansa did not. I could not have been more disappointed with this checking in experience with Lufthansa. Again, the worst in my life and would be cause for me not to recommend Lufthansa to others. Otherwise, the flight itself and the actual crew were great. So disappointing to have such an unprofessional check in experience."
יתרונות: "Food was great!"
חסרונות: "Lackluster movie selection, internet was a rip off and barely worked."
יתרונות: "Everything about the service staff the plane amazing"
יתרונות: "Crew service"
חסרונות: "No entertainment on board"
חסרונות: "seats are way too close to each other."
חסרונות: "I didn't like that I bought a bottle of perfume and they let me take it from Israel to Germany without a problem, and as soon as I got to Germany they trashed it saying that it should've been in a sealed bag, so 80$ went to trash or God knows where,,"
חסרונות: "It was late, we had connection to Berlin and we were in a hurry And forgot things on the plain. They didn't make arrangements to help us be on time for our connection. We had to run. My name is Dan Chevion. Can we get back the items we forgot on the plain?"
יתרונות: "Attentive crew, despite an almost-full flight"
חסרונות: "Airbus seating is terrible - seats uncomfortable, seat pitch too small"
יתרונות: "good seats."
חסרונות: "crowded smelly gate, horrible seats, overcrowded bus out to the plane, which was late. to be fair, this is probably not Lufthansa's fault, unless their arrangement with Tel-Aviv airport always results in these awful gate assignments. we then stood outside on the tarmac on those external roll-up stairways. for a good 15 minutes. waiting to get inside the plane. Full sun exposure in the middle of summer. no sign of the crew. WHY."
חסרונות: "They allow you to pull out your own laptop and access their wifi and entertainment content but provide no outlets to charge your device to do so"

Nunca mais TAP! Atendimento absurdo! Cancelamento, atrasos, filas intermináveis, remarcação de voos diretos em voos com várias conexões. Definitivamente, nunca mais!

Excellent staff, polite and very helpful.

The Worst

יתרונות: "The entertainment was ok."
חסרונות: "Everything else was terrible. From check-in to boarding to flight."
חסרונות: "TAP doesn't understand the first thing about customer service."
חסרונות: "Boarding procedures"
יתרונות: "Food was great, seat was amazing"
חסרונות: "Boarding was done by bus and it took too long and it want comfortable"
חסרונות: "Legroom"
יתרונות: "Newer planes, good service"
חסרונות: "The terminal in Lisbon is poor. Poor food choices. Dirty bathrooms. And keep an eye on the change you get back, 2 out of 2 purchases they tried to shortchange me... one was for over 2 euros."
יתרונות: "The boarding procedure was much more organized than the previous flight."
חסרונות: "They served fish on board, and the odor stuck around for awhile."
חסרונות: "Somehow, ticket was not being accepted to board on TAP's flight. Crew had to manually check it"
יתרונות: "Great crew. That’s about it."
חסרונות: "Absolutely horrible business class on the A330-343. Honestly, they should be ashamed of flying this airplane. They have four of these from Singapore Airlines and of course on both flights I was unlucky enough to get stuck with it. The cabin looks horribly outdated, is worn out, and smells."
יתרונות: "on time, food was good"
חסרונות: "seats are hard, painful for 7 hours..... crew was very noisy, very rough they kept hitting my arm. male crew hit the back of my seat to wake me up, he took away my food due to me sleeping."
יתרונות: "Really spacious, clean and comfortable"
חסרונות: "Good service but not top of the line "go out of their way" service"
יתרונות: "Movies and friendly crew"
חסרונות: "Food was not good Too much meat"
יתרונות: "Nothing!!!"
חסרונות: "Paid thousands of dollars for this trip and my luggage is missing as tap Portugal convinently lost it."
חסרונות: "Terrible terrible service in helping with a tight connecting flight, terrible"
חסרונות: "Unruly boarding lines. Plane late .flight attendant less than friendly"
חסרונות: "We travelled with 2 carry ones and one checked bag throughout our 2.5 week honeymoon. Check in agent suggested that we check all 3 of our bags since the flight was full. We did. The flight from BCN to LIS was delayed 2 hours at the gate, but we were told we could somehow still catch our flight from LIS to PDL. We trusted that was true. We arrived at LIS without a single garment of clothing (we checked all 3 bags through to PDL), and then realized we missed the flight to PDL. We stood in line for 3 HOURS at the TAP help desk, only to wait behind a group of very angry people who monopolized the staff. Once we told the agent our situation, he told us there were no more seats on any flight to PDL the next morning. Not only that, but he could not provide a hotel for us to spend the night. This is 2:30am, 3:30am BCN time. He told us to find our own hotel, but we do not have international phone plans, so we could not make the reservation ourselves. He had nowhere for us to sleep. Then he had us wait for his SATA associate to help us, and he put us on a flight to PDL the next day, but it was not direct! We had plans for the following day, a hotel reservation in Ponta Delgada that is NOT refundable, and now the final portion of our honeymoon is ruined. No one ever offered to give us vouchers for ANY costs or for the anxiety and total of 14 hours lost on the most important trip of our lives. Shameful."
יתרונות: "Food and staff"
יתרונות: "You can charge your devices (only in one plains from London to Portugal)"
חסרונות: "Cabin crew were far from welcoming when dealing with the African passengers (including me though I'm Spanish) the food was a disgrace On a 5 hour flight to Accra there was no entrainment, the chairs were incredibly uncomfortable and you could not even charge your devices... The food arrive way too early. I believe the airline has put less of an effort on these planes due to the nature of the passengers... I have been traveling for 20 years and I never felt so disappointed by an airline... I will not use this airline ever again"
יתרונות: "Food was of good quality."
חסרונות: "Boarding was slow. A group of very rowdy passengers who showed zero consideration for their fellow passengers and whom the crew did little or nothing to restrain, other than confiscating a bottle of alcohol they carried on board."
חסרונות: "On any international flight I've been on in the past one checked bag has always been complimentary. This is the first time I was surprised by a checked luggage fee of $85. Considering my wife and I were already at the airport, we had no choice but to pay for our checked bags – resulting in almost $380 in luggage fees for our round trip flights. This restriction was buried on the ticket purchase information – a very sneaky move that cost us significantly. Won't be flying TAP Air Portugal again!"
חסרונות: "No vegan food options. Filthy toilet"
יתרונות: "Space was actually good."
חסרונות: "Boarding was chaos. We had a little child, but no priority for families with children. Flight was delayed over two hours, no explanation, no apologies. Boarding crew was impolite and unhelpful. Then they had to weight all carry-ons! Crazy."
חסרונות: "The 2 hour delay!"
יתרונות: "Flight was delayed leaving Newark so we missed our connection in Portugal which was supposed to take us straight to Venice. Instead TAP gave us a replacement flight to Madrid and then from Madrid to Venice A FLIGHT WITH TWO STOPS IS NOT WHAT WE WANTED OR PAID FOR. Madrid was also delayed and we missed our connection to Venice. We got a new flight from Madrid to Venice and had to wait 5 hours for it. A trip from New Jersey to Venice ended up taking OVER 24 HOURS!!!! Due to the disgraceful disorganization and service of TAP PORTUGA we missed our best friends rehersal dinner a memory we would have loved to have. Extremely disorganized, terrible customer service OH AND WE HAD TO PAY FOR OUR BAGS TWICE to get reimbursed later but I don’t believe anything Tap Portugal says so we’ll see. Staff advice did not align and they were unapologetic for the experience we received."
חסרונות: "Everything. The travel experience was a literal nightmare and not what we paid for. It’s criminal actually."
יתרונות: "Food was good and there were a lot of good movie selections."
חסרונות: "The process and lines at airport were extreme. I also had thought one bag was included in flight cost. I am an organized traveler and know I read this. But when at check-in, I had to pay 75E for one checked bag. So I feel the website needs to be more clear. Food"
יתרונות: "service,puntuality,guidance"
יתרונות: "Shorter time over Atlantic. Very gentle staff. Good food and service. And I will visit Lisbon next time"
חסרונות: "Boarding from a bus at the main TAP airport for so many travellers and a long trip. Hei! Is not an economy charter!"
יתרונות: "Efficiency and friendliness of staff with a visible commitment towards passengers on-board (customers). One of the best experience, even though the flight was too short, and even then the airlines served snacks and refreshments... Simply Amazing... A 5-STAR service to its customers... Wow"
חסרונות: "NONE"
חסרונות: "Flight was delighted and service staff was slow"
חסרונות: "40euro checked bag fee on an international itinerary was an unpleasant surprise. They were quite disorganized; our airport-printed boarding passes wouldn't scan at the gate, they didn't have a jet-way ready upon arrival in Lisbon ..."
חסרונות: "Selected to check my hand luggage due to full flight . No reason at all for this at all."
חסרונות: "I was told at the check in that my bags are NOT paid for...when I booked the tickets on line there was no mention of any additional charges, or option to purchase baggage"
יתרונות: "Wonderful customer service!!"
יתרונות: "Absolutely nothing!!!"
חסרונות: "Everything but specially the fact that there was no Business class but tickets Were sold and in the end not even assigned seats. No previous info or whatsoever ... this company is becoming worst than a low cost ... well much worst !!!"
חסרונות: "There is only one unusual thing - the flight attendant was poking me to ask if I wanted food as I was clearly asleep and did not want to be bothered. There were still 90 minutes left till landing. Awkward and unnecessary and why in the world would she do that? Let people rest, please. :-)"
יתרונות: "Service wonderful"
יתרונות: "No issues, short trip, friendly staff, comfortable ride..."
יתרונות: "Well done...when other airlines offer nothing!"
חסרונות: "Slight delay in boarding... but arrived on time"
יתרונות: "It is comparatively inexpensive for business class."
חסרונות: "You get what you pay for! Boarding was very disorganized. Lot of standing around for no good reason. Food and drink service was mediocre -- they ran out of stuff."
יתרונות: "Flight attendants were very kind to all passengers."
חסרונות: "Although the flight crew was patient and kind, considering it was a late flight that arrived in Dakar around 2 am, it would've been helpful for them to assist talking with the passengers that were inconsiderate and unreasonably loud throughout the whole flight. Majority of the passengers were trying to sleep or enjoy their flight, which was difficult due to this situation. Additionally, the children of this family continued to kick seats and even stood during landing, and were yelled at by another passenger. I understand that the flight attendants can't see everything that happens, but the noise level was unacceptable."
יתרונות: "The punctuality"
חסרונות: "The airplane was small for a 8-9 hours trip, the seat were super small, I'm not a big person and I was very uncomfortable in them, the crew wasn't very nice, the food was a mess the girl next to me was a vegan and they give her a cheese sandwich, entertainment didn't work well there were only 4 channels, comparing to AirEuropa very mediocre and awfull airplane, really I'm from Venezuela and even there the airplanes are better, not worthy the 600$ one way ticket I got."
יתרונות: "There was one male steward who was not friendly at all.....I felt he was giving me bad looks....I felt uncomfortable."
יתרונות: "The plane both took off AND landed. Bom!"
חסרונות: "Lisbon Airport needs best practices tidy up: layout, cleanliness, boarding process is not good. Passport Control is much improved over last summer: all positions were manned today!"
חסרונות: "childs crying, no sleep, but what can we do right?"
חסרונות: "some chaos at boarding, with redundant passport control. Upon arrival, we were held for 45 min at JFK, as the gate wasn't ready and the crew had the engines running and fumes penetrated the cabin that made me almost sick. I guess that's not much of a TAP fault, but it was a bad finish of an otherwise uneventful flight..."
חסרונות: "Sity no good"

Drinks offers are pathetic compared to other international flights.

Vueling charged us for bags even though we paid prior to flight. Avoid them if booking Iberia and they are operating flight.

We’ve been charged for our baggage on the way back although nothing was mentioned on the first flight

I requested a special meal 2 weeks ahead of my flight. It was impossible to find a way to do this on the website so I filled out the request form and today (the day after my flight) I receive an email that you are working on my request. While the crew was nice and apologized I think there should be an easier way to request a meal. Please review your website. It is not clear how to go about requesting a special meal. The rest was ok. Had to do an all out sprint to the gate since the 50 min layover was not enough to get to the different terminal in Madrid to my connecting flight. I went straight there. No bathroom stop or time to refill my water bottle. Not sure how less mobile passengers would cover this distance in 35 min before the gate closes, especially when also having to show Covid test etc. at the Gate. American Airlines could also do better on sustainability. What’s with all the single use plastic? Other airlines are able to provide silverware and reusable cups. Why can’t you?

צק אין , היו רק 2 דלפקים ותור ארוך מאוד , זמן המתנה 2.5 שעות . יציאה באיחור של שעה ( ישיבה במטוס ) ובסוף נחיתה קשה שהנוסעים נדחפו מהבלימה

The flight from Madrid to NYC was operated by American airlines,it took them a while to figure it out that I'm on flight number 095,it was really frustrated and a lot of pressure for me.finally a wonderful lady figure it out and helped me to go on the flight back home to NYC.

יתרונות: "The crew was great"
חסרונות: "the food"
יתרונות: "On time Easy and no issues"
חסרונות: "The suitcase did not zrrive"
חסרונות: "The people working on the land side lack of a complete sense of service. They are rude, unrespectful and with no professionalism. It is a shame that the last impression you get from Israel is the aggressiveness."
יתרונות: "Nothing"
חסרונות: "Awful experience, we're travelling with a Toddler and they didn't have any consideration at all...the staff always with a bad attitude"
יתרונות: "One lady was so mean when I asked her a question ."
חסרונות: "Be more smiling and helping customers when needed"
יתרונות: "I could not travel to Miami due to Iberia did not assigned the seat with my children."
חסרונות: "The lack of education and polite of the Stewart is a minus on that airline"
חסרונות: "This flight was cancelled"
יתרונות: "Efficient"
חסרונות: "Offer drinks, water"
יתרונות: "Left on time, arrived on time, new plan, nice crew"
חסרונות: "Wi-fi did not work"
חסרונות: "The seats are amazingly narrow and uncomfortable for 5 hours flight."
חסרונות: "Toilets were REALLY dirty"
יתרונות: "Timing, easy boarding."
חסרונות: "Nothing"
חסרונות: "Ibéria offers a terrible service to its customers"
חסרונות: "The crew is not nice and rude. The checkin counter didnt allow me to have overweight of 300 grams. Ridiculous. At some areas of the plan the air conditioning doesn't work well"
יתרונות: "Thw crew were amezing, with a lot of patient. The entertainment was graet. The seats were graet.7;"
חסרונות: "Pedí que me manden la factura del vuelo y no me a llegado nunca."
יתרונות: "Everything"
חסרונות: "Nothing"
יתרונות: "Nothing about the seating"
חסרונות: "The person in front of me was so close that when she tried to recline the seat she hurt my knee."
חסרונות: "Crew wasn’t unfriendly , no food was provided"
יתרונות: "Staff was very nice There was a medical emergency that deleted our deplaning Passagers were concered regarding their connection The medical staff was still on board when we deplayed"
חסרונות: "I was not able to check in on line Had difficulty in getting a contact phone who dismissed my concerns Just said show up two hours before Good thing I went earlier since Ben Gurion has long lines for security before one gets to the ticket counter"
יתרונות: "Very friendly"
חסרונות: "Food"
חסרונות: "No WiFi on a 10 hour flight!"
חסרונות: "Krew. Comfort srat . Space."
יתרונות: "Comfortable flight good crew and entertainment"
יתרונות: "Internal Wifi to watch movies and music"
חסרונות: "Flight attendants busy and not care much about the passengers. Asked for water twice and never arrived until I got up and went to the back of the airplane to ask again"
יתרונות: "Seat comfort entertainment and food"
חסרונות: "I was Given different seat at boarding into less comfortable place - no explanation."
יתרונות: "Seats in the first flight were very tight"
חסרונות: "No space for the legs!"
יתרונות: "clean, good entertainment services, and service from crew"
חסרונות: "delayed start, very cold temp. during flight"
יתרונות: "Seats were too crowded. No leg room."
יתרונות: "Flight from tel aviv to Madrid was awful. Bathroom was dirty and no hand soap. Ordere d a special meal and never came. It was so cramped you couldn't move. I was betwee 2 tall men who placed there legs under my seat. No direction for connection flight."
חסרונות: "My connection flight to use was better on americal"
יתרונות: "Everything"
יתרונות: "Boarding was very efficient"
חסרונות: "Staff was not very accommodating. Plane air-conditioning did not work well and then as very hot"
חסרונות: "Seats are extremely uncomfortable for a long flight. The food was not good. I tried to upgrade and was told I needed to buy a new ticket. The were plenty of seats available for an upgrade. Will not be flying Iberia again!!!"
חסרונות: "Food was just ok"
חסרונות: "The bus to the plane stayed fully packed at the terminal for several minutes. I heard several people start complaining about their heat. The crew at the terminal were brusque. Other than that, the flight was fine. I wasn't offered any food or drink, but once we were flying, there were no additional delays."
יתרונות: "The entertainment was good when it was working"
חסרונות: "Service was horrible. Announcements were not being made adding to confusion in the cabin"
יתרונות: "Check in and flight were excellent. Didn't use food service."
יתרונות: "FANTASTIC"
חסרונות: "Nothing!"
יתרונות: "My flight boarded easily, and left on time. The seats were comfortable, the food included a hot meal for dinner, and the entertainment available was varied. We even landed in Madrid a little early. Traveling is always trying, especially in coach. The Iberia experience was very pleasant."
חסרונות: "Nothing really stands out unless you want to make coach like 1st class for the same price"
יתרונות: "I like the food and the fact that you provide us with a pillow and blanket"
חסרונות: "Everyone who was traveling with someone was separated and the Customes right before the bus were extremely rude."
חסרונות: "First leg of flight, the most uncomfortable seats. I had literally no leg room. Will never fly them again. Second leg different aircraft, much newer. Happier crew better food. But still won't fly them again because of the first leg. It was unacceptable"
יתרונות: "Boarding on time."
חסרונות: "Entertainment- not a good selection of movies. In one of the flights there was no entertainment at all. Food and drinks in that flight was served late. I thought they should serve drinks more frequently."

Not Transavia item, but baggie claim took more than 30 min

יתרונות: "Great crew, gently made sure we had our masks on."
חסרונות: "Boarded some passengers very early and had to wait on bus and plane for other passengers who boarded at normal time."
יתרונות: "The crew was great!"
חסרונות: "Nether the Dutch government or the Greek government is allowing Americans into their countries, yet Transavia refuses to refund my ticket money. That is the height of abysmal, disrespectful, if not criminal service. Effectively, they stole my money."
יתרונות: "Nothing to tell seriously"
יתרונות: "Flight was on time, cabin crew were efficient and friendly"
חסרונות: "Checkin counter could've been opened earlier."
חסרונות: "Easyjet seats are way better. Limiting the hand (cabin) luggage to 10kg and actually weighting it is ridiculous."
יתרונות: "Price."
חסרונות: "they could offer at least water “on the house”"
חסרונות: "Delayed 2 hours"
יתרונות: "It got me here in one piece"
חסרונות: "High school kids ran wild talking screaming standing in aisles and flight crew did nothing to stop all of the noise and nuisance. More like a flying bus than airplane"
יתרונות: "New plane, comfortable and the staff is nice"
חסרונות: "Even a small plastic bag with McDonald's in it is considered a hand luggage! The staff need to be in more control of the travelers - we had one & a half hours delay because a traveller wanted to change seats and didn't sit down."
חסרונות: "הכל"
יתרונות: "Our of the budget airlines I've flown, this has been the best. They were upfront about the things they didn't include, and gave you the option to purchase them simply. Crew was excellent and friendly."
חסרונות: "Unfortunately, we were about 30-45 min delayed. Wasn't an issue for us, but could have been with a connection. Seats weren't too comfortable."
חסרונות: "Our plane was delayed an hour and then when we landed well after midnight our bag came off the plane with a broken shoulder strap. Will not fly again."
חסרונות: "It didn’t happen."
יתרונות: "Nothing"
חסרונות: "Physically stood in the sun on the tarmac for half an hour in Marrakech waiting to board the plane. Seating is so compact it’s physically impossible for me to fit, I’m 6’3” then it took an hour forty five minutes to get our checked luggage in Lisbon. Everyone was furious. No explanation from the airport or airline. We missed our hotel shuttle, missed our hotel checkin. Just terrible."
יתרונות: "Inexpensive fares are worth something. Where else can you fly half way across the EU for 150 euro? The crew was cheerful and helpful. Website, phone app and email reminders are great."
חסרונות: "You do pay alacarte for everything. And service suffers in the name of low price. Checked bags, drinks and food. Be prepared to walk or stand everywhere, baggage check-in at Orly is in the basement and the last areas 132. The gates are the last gates in the south terminal. And when you get to the gate boarding is done enmasss so you wait in line. But the fares are cheap."
יתרונות: "The flight attendants and pilots were very nice, I had plenty of room in my seat. The trip was smooth and not at all stressful."
יתרונות: "The fact that we arrived to Amsterdan"
יתרונות: "The crew was so nice."
יתרונות: "Friendly staff. Passanger leg room is ok. Very reasonably priced food and drinks. No serious delays."
יתרונות: "We had arrived to destination in somehow safe condition"
חסרונות: "- Will charge you for anything... extra kg (or less) - charge! Water for 5 hours flight? - Charge! - They ruined my suitcase and won't pay for it - Drunk people making mess on the plane and throw-up on your cloths? Your problem. To conclude, flight with many low cost, but never had that bad experience before."
חסרונות: "No free water , snack"
יתרונות: "Unexplained lateness and slow boarding process but otherwise good flight"
יתרונות: "everything was smooth and very convinient"
חסרונות: "there was no drinking water (unless you buy)"
חסרונות: "Waiting for suitcases"
יתרונות: "Seats were comfortable, crew were very kind"
חסרונות: "Boarding took too much time"
יתרונות: "Fine flight. No frills. Friendly service."
יתרונות: "The crew were friendly and helpful."
חסרונות: "The planes are older and lack the amenities of the larger airlines. You have to purchase food and drinks. No USB ports or inflight entertainment. Seats where old shows wear and there was still trash from previous passengers in the seat pocket and a empty soda can rolling around under our seat."
יתרונות: "Nothing"
חסרונות: "I don't understand why it took them around 15 min to check in each person. This was the most terrible check in I have ever experienced. One other staff member actually had to take over for one man doing check in because he was so slow. The flight ended up being almost an hour delayed. After this, they didn't even offer people free water. I have flown with low cost airlines all over the world and this was by far the worst."
יתרונות: "Well organized at terminal. Note bag check not available until about 2 hr before flight. Check your ticket. Baggage was out fast. Flight on time."
חסרונות: "Single line for bag check, by flight, so took a while. Still plenty of time. Charge for each checked bag."
יתרונות: "Excellent choice of food"
חסרונות: "The flight was delayed for about an hour and I don't remember there was an explanation for the delay. Also, the check in counter also opened late from the time it was mentioned."
יתרונות: "- fast two door boarding in Santorini - successful take off, landing"
חסרונות: "- zero accommodation + slight scorn for wife's cashew allergy, sigh. Other crews have been good, but not today's - very tight quarters for someone 6'2"/220lbs. Smaller configuration than other 747-800s - no on-board entertainment options with transavia."
יתרונות: "Todo excelente ."
חסרונות: "Was unable to reach Santorini due to extenuating circumstances. The Greek ferry system was not running due to worker strikes. Tried getting flight refunded but wasn't even able to get a personale on hold when I called. Was on hold for two hours and the line then hung up on me"
יתרונות: "Crew was friendly"
חסרונות: "Flight was 1 hour late departing"
יתרונות: "Once we figured it put, fast check in. Small airport, lots of construction."
חסרונות: "Poor directions at airport, messy boarding on busses"
חסרונות: "Airplane too small"
חסרונות: "leg room in aisle seat"
יתרונות: "Transavia is a good low cost airline. Sadly what you don't pay for makes for a long flight if your journey is more than a couple hours; specifically no entertainment system and moderately comfortable seats make a long journey a bit of a marathon. The flight attendants were helpful and friendly."
יתרונות: "The crew was great"
חסרונות: "1. Did not embark on time 2. Didn't took off on time 3. It is expected to a least have free charge water"
יתרונות: "I liked the fact that my flight was only 2 hours. Other than that it was miserable."
חסרונות: "The flight attendants were extremely rude. They wouldn't let me bring the bottle of water I purchased at the gate onto the plane because they wanted to make money by selling drinks. I completely understand that but when I asked for water (just regular water) one flight attendant told me it would be 3 euros. I told her I didn't have any cash on me because I had used it to pay for the water that I bought at the gate that they wouldn't let me bring on. She said "Oh well. Guess you're out of luck." She was rude, hateful and such a disruptive part of my flight. I would NEVER fly Transavia again!!"
יתרונות: "Terrible"
חסרונות: "Terrible"
יתרונות: "The crew was fantastic. Very professional and responsive to passenger needs."
חסרונות: "Didn't like the boarding process. First come first serve is hard with small kids. If it was just me ok. Grown ups can be rude when they are trying to get on an aircraft and they walk right over kids."
יתרונות: "Comfortable seats"
חסרונות: "You have to buy water."
חסרונות: "I tried to add a hold luggage in advance via the website but it stated that I had already one, so I didnt add it. Then in the check-in at the counter the girl told me I haven't had any, so I ended up paying 50% more."
יתרונות: "Only reason why food and entertainment have one star is because I didn't eat anything so I don't know if it's good, and and it was a less then a hour fly no entertainment needed, for the rest the plain was very comfortable and clean, the staff was nice!!"
חסרונות: "If you have an appointment, meeting or reservations, do not book this airline, as they do not fill their flights and have you wait for passengers who are late. I sat on the aircraft for over an hour waiting for all passengers who were late to board before we could take off. I missed an important appointment because of this. The crew was rude about this and every single thing on the plane / related is extra cost. Zero stars."
יתרונות: "The crew was nice"
חסרונות: "The fact that one person calling in sick delayed the plane 4 hours is unacceptable. We missed our connecting flight and had to stay at the Munich airport overnight to wait for another flight. That was a very expensive delay for us. If they had tried at all to communicate with the airport ahead of boarding time then we could have taken another flight."

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