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דירוגים על בסיס חוות הדעת של משתמשי KAYAK
סוויס אינטרנשיונל אייר ליינסדירוג כולל בהתבסס על 9324 חוות דעת
8.2עלייה למטוס
חוות דעת חברות תעופה
יתרונות: "flight itself"
חסרונות: "delayed departure EXTREMELY LATE LUGGAGE HANDLING IN BRUSSELS, more than 1 hour after arrival for SKI's to be delivered !!"
מידע נוסף על סוויס אינטרנשיונל אייר ליינס
יתרונות: "flight itself"
חסרונות: "delayed departure EXTREMELY LATE LUGGAGE HANDLING IN BRUSSELS, more than 1 hour after arrival for SKI's to be delivered !!"
יתרונות: "All was Good, no special negatives."
חסרונות: "Not worth my time to comment."
יתרונות: "the crew were so nice"
חסרונות: "not enough room between seats"
יתרונות: "Excellent"
חסרונות: "It’s frustrating to not have the ability to select seats before arriving at check in counter when there’s really not much to choose from."
יתרונות: "vegan sweeties for the kids, so nice as my daughter usually has to say no. Also swiss chocolate - so good! Our veggie meals booked hadn't gone through on the system but we were found some they had anyway - wasn't very nice though."
יתרונות: "Everything aside from the food and cabin atmosphere."
חסרונות: "Food and cabin atmosphere. The cabin felt very stuffy and warm."
חסרונות: "We had a huge delay"
יתרונות: "Friendly agents . Speak very good English. Swiss airlines serves breakfast croissants and beverages for a short flight without a charge"
חסרונות: "The airline fix the booking problem because my trip was from Zurich to Brussels to Washington DC to Austin and went I print my boarding passes only show to Brussels. The booking agent didn’t complete all the way in the computer. I am thankful that I had my original paper and Swiss airlines fix it"
יתרונות: "The crew was good"
חסרונות: "Place for the legs and better food"
יתרונות: "The crew were very friendly."
יתרונות: "האוכל והשירות מצוינים והטייסים מצוינים"
חסרונות: "מקום ישיבה צפוף מידי"
חסרונות: "Lost baggage"
יתרונות: "Nothing"
חסרונות: "Nothonh"
יתרונות: "Best flight for a long time. great service and entertainment."
חסרונות: "I was unable to order vegetarian meal before the flight. This also a KAYAK / VAYAMA issue - you can not pass the info about special meal to the airline and Swiss seems to require that you order through them in order to specify such details. You should improve this."
יתרונות: "Everything"
חסרונות: "That it wasn’t a flight to denver"
יתרונות: "Good product"
חסרונות: "Seat had some problems, but the crew fixed it for me"
חסרונות: "I felt like a sardine."
יתרונות: "Nice experience."
חסרונות: "Seats are not so comfortable. Crew is nice, but not too nice"
יתרונות: "Problem free."
חסרונות: "It was a great flight."
חסרונות: "Delay"
יתרונות: "Excellent food. Lovely service. Departure and boarding on time."
חסרונות: "No entertainment at all. Very limited leg room"
יתרונות: "The staff was polait"
חסרונות: "No option to make zhek in No opthin for vegeterian The media in my seat didn't work"
יתרונות: "Boardoing 7h10; 7h25 announcement we would arrive on time 8h50. No further announcement, late departure. Arrival 9h25. - mo explanation. Luggage only at 9h50"
חסרונות: "Delay"
חסרונות: "Ok, old plane."
יתרונות: "Everything is great when flying Swiss. From online checkin to boarding and throughout the flight. Thumbs up to Swiss. Simply a delight."
יתרונות: "The flight was smooth; Attendants were nice and everything worked according to schedule"
יתרונות: "Very comfortable and attendants were very attentive."
חסרונות: "Checking in at the Tel Aviv Airport is an absolute nightmare! It is congested and disorganized."
חסרונות: "delayed"
יתרונות: "The Israeli crew on El Al were very polite and tried to help."
חסרונות: "When we arrived to Swiss desk, after checking in at home including choosing seats, we were sent to El Al desk and had to start everything from the start. We couldn't even choose seats . It was a great disappointment. We don't think we fly in Swiss again"
יתרונות: "By far the worst experience I've ever had in my life. 1. A day after I perches a multi destination tickets I called Swiss air costumer service requesting to upgrade my tickets to business class. no one would even try to help me. They just kept saying I need to contact my travel agent. After 3 phone calls I gave up and decided to wait and upgrade my ticket at the airport. 2. In Prague the night before my second flight I hurt my knee real bad to a point that I couldn't walk at all. The next morning I call Swiss air costumer service again trying to explain them my situation telling them I can't fly and won't be able to make it to my flight. Costumer service cancelled immediately all of my remaining tickets and try to sell me new tickets for a full price. I said I don't mind buy and pay for the one flight I missed but there is no reason for her to re sell me the rest of my tickets that I already paid for, again. Then she start to change prices up and down like in a Chinese flea market. At that point I begged her to talk to a supervisor but she Kept ignoring my request and just try to negotiat for a lower charg she kept me on the phone for 5 hours. My hotel phone bill for that one call cost me 150€. I never got to talk to a supervisor but she took down the charge to 517$ Not included a new ticket flying out of Prague. 3. For my last flight going home. I showed up 2.5 hours Earlier. asking to upgrade my sit to business fin desk send me to talk to asupervisor. The supervisor was trying to process my request but didn't seem to know what he was doing at all. One minute he was on his computer then the next minute on the phone with Swiss air headquarter then back on his computer for more then 35 minutes with no resolute. I still had an hour and half before take off when he told me he can print me the ticket but it's to late now since the gate for my flight is close and I already missed my flight. I said that's impossible cause I still have an hour and half to my flight but he insist on the gate been close and there is no way I can get on that flight. Right away I run back to front desk asking them to print my ticket as fast as possible cause I would really like to get on that flight. In front desk they told me not to worry cause I got plenty of time to get on that flight. So I gave up on the business upgrade and told them that at that point I'll be just as happy to sit by the window. Of course they put me on the very end exactly in the middle. After the door was locked I looked around and saw plenty of free sits available including by the window. 4. In Zurich I finally managed to upgrade my last flight coming back to Tampa fl to business and noticed that the only way they could do that was by contacting Swiss air headquarter for approval. When I asked why is that since I fly a lot and never seen anything like that before one of the lady's there told how Swiss air left all of their front desk powerless and all decisions must be made by headquarters."
חסרונות: "When we finally arrived in Tampa. It hook them an hour and a half to get are bags out. I honestly doubt I'll ever fly Swiss airlines again. Ever. Absolutely the worst experience I've ever had flying. Ps the crew on the plain ware a lot nicer and more professional the people on the ground."
חסרונות: "flight and luggage deliver delayed. Missed meeting as a result"
יתרונות: "The new aircraft"
חסרונות: "Lavatory wasn't clean enough"
יתרונות: "Great flight crew and equipment. Courteous and helpful."
חסרונות: "Rude gate staff who boarded economy and business all at once causing a 45 minute delay. Indifferent to passenger complaints and only had one boarding scanner for the entire flight. Slow and inefficient, and worst of all, unapologetic."
חסרונות: "Don't like to wait for no one 30 min inside airplane"
יתרונות: "Everything was great :) food is good, crew is perfect"
יתרונות: "entertainment was fine"
חסרונות: "Everything was ok except that confusion we had while ticketing. Although we have been assigned on on carrier the flight was operated by a different one, which was not cleared in the purchase paper."
יתרונות: "I fly this line often, SWISS is immeasurably better than ElAl. The planes are modern and include an in-flight entertainment system, the food is light years better, the staff more considerate and attentive."
חסרונות: "Cervise was not so good was waiting almost 3 hours on check in"
יתרונות: "Overall very pleased with the airline"
חסרונות: "The only complant I have is not enough leg room but the price was great so it was a compromise."
יתרונות: "I liked the comfort of the aircraft and entertainment"
חסרונות: "That there was a delay which wasnt announced which meant i had to get through an new airport in a hurry for me to get connecting dublin flight. When i got to boarding gate everyone was boarding found this extetemly pressuring"
יתרונות: "the punctualty"
חסרונות: "little space betwwen the rows, bad food no entertainment and a very unfreindly crew"
חסרונות: "id."
יתרונות: "Flight was good and comfortable"
יתרונות: "I'm very satisfied with Swiss airline excellent service starting from the flight attenders very professional friendly excellent food .if I would recommend this airline absolutely 100%.."
יתרונות: "Great kosher food! Very kind attendants."
חסרונות: "not enough foot room."
יתרונות: "Everthing went as planned. Left on time. Cannot complain."
יתרונות: "Friendly flight attendants. Great food"
יתרונות: "The seats The crew"
חסרונות: "Delayed on two flights Too hot on the first flight despite a number of people complaining"
יתרונות: "The seats very tightly spaced and did not reclnine"
חסרונות: "The flights war 2 hours late and the boarding was totally disorganized."
יתרונות: "crew was great and flight was on time"
חסרונות: "Fully booked flight. Very noisy"
חסרונות: "The crew is not nice and rude. The checkin counter didnt allow me to have overweight of 300 grams. Ridiculous. At some areas of the plan the air conditioning doesn't work well"
חסרונות: "The crew is not nice and rude. The checkin counter didnt allow me to have overweight of 300 grams. Ridiculous. At some areas of the plan the air conditioning doesn't work well."
חסרונות: "the connecting flight was missed because of a delay in the first flight. i got a different flight with a different airline (sas), they were not informed that i paid extra weight and window seat. i am very unhappy! not to mention that the whole purpuise of my trip is gone, because i a will arrive to copenhagen five hours late for the meeting i was supposed to hold with my fans! i will never fly with egean again!"
יתרונות: "I missed the flight. Because they closed the check in counter 1 full hour before the departure time. I was standing in a passport control line for 40 minutes before that. I reached the check in counter 55 minutes before departure time. It was closed. The ticket office had no sympathy, refused to issue me a boarding pass. My flight was paid for and confirmed. There was time to get through security and reach the gate by boarding time. All i needed was the boarding pass and they would not give it. I missed the flight i had paid for and of course you won't give me a refund It caused serious problems with my trip. I'm totally disgusted and will never buy another ticket on this ariline."
יתרונות: "The space for the legs"
יתרונות: "Friendly crew, clean and comfortable plane"
יתרונות: "Hi, i was surprised that i had to ask an extra money for my suitcase, because when I ordered the flights nothing was written about extra payment!"
חסרונות: "Flight was late two hours..."
חסרונות: "Had to double pay for baggage. Total scam"
חסרונות: "I booked for baggage through kayak and had to pay again. What a scam"
חסרונות: "Everything. Our flight delayed that can happen. But what can’t happen is the total lack of service. Shame No wonder Greece is bankrupt. Zero zero"
יתרונות: "Every thing was fast,easy & kindly I didn’t eat-can’t say my opinion"
חסרונות: "Luggage was not included in the ticket price and it was never specified when we purchased the tickets"
יתרונות: "Very good company Nice staff"
יתרונות: "Good planes. Kosher food was awful. No entertainment."
יתרונות: "There was food even for low cost travel. Very good plane"
יתרונות: "All"
יתרונות: "The staff was polite."
חסרונות: "For some reason my boarding pass wasn't scanning. They took me to the side and had to do it manually even though everything was correct."
חסרונות: "5 hours delay"
חסרונות: "THe food"
יתרונות: "No complaints!!"
יתרונות: "Everything was perfect, the flight late a little but it was ok with the connection...."
חסרונות: "1. I could not get answer from Aegean airlines if the serve food on the board. They said nothing about it when I booked the flight. 2. It was clear for me that I can give 1 piece of luggage, 23 Kg , for free. I was surprised at the check in that I have to pay for it $54 !!!! Why you don't say it when I booked the flight?????"
חסרונות: "not enough leg room"
יתרונות: "While we have some ratings of 1, 2, and 3; over all we gave Aegean a 5 because of the excellent accommodations they made for my wife who is handicapped. They went out of their way to make sure she got wheelchair assistance, and lift assistance up to the airplane.."
חסרונות: "No entertainment and the food, although free, was basic doughy bites of something I couldn't recognize."
חסרונות: "Too much of uncontrolled loud talk between passengers above 25 - 30 yrs old on either side of aisle at night 10 - 12 PM without even thinking that other passengers are around. Flight attendants could have been courteous by asking them to keep the noise low. My baggage did not arrive for 4 days in Cairo and no one was responding to calls and even went to airport twice . offices were closed during day time . Last day before leaving with the help of a travel agent I was lucky to get my luggage. There was almost a brawl at airport as people were unhappy because their baggage did not come from tel aviv to cairo. Very poor handling of delayed baggage. Not even a call from the airline. Not sure if it was offloaded in Tel Aviv or Athens."
יתרונות: "On time and good service"
יתרונות: "They compensated us with a free one-way plane ticket (with lots of restrictions) and refreshments at the airport cafe."
חסרונות: "The flight kept being delayed and they jerked us around for several hours, updating the departure time three or four different times and changing the gate but not updating the board or consistently making announcements. They should have just made a decision and stuck with it and better communicated what was going on. My poor friend was waiting for me in Larnaca so she stayed at the airport each time thinking I would soon arrive."
יתרונות: "Plane was clean and there was enough room"
חסרונות: "The boarding gate on the ticket was wrong - twice."
יתרונות: "I did not take the flight as I had to cancel my reservation due to a medical problem."
חסרונות: "I'm sure it would have been a lovely flight had I taken it."
יתרונות: "nothing"
חסרונות: "no words to describe how bad it was - the main problem was the operated company at Israel"
יתרונות: "efficiency and a sense of a smile from the ground staff"
חסרונות: "the fully booked plane."
יתרונות: "Meal"
חסרונות: "It is very inconvenient and seems to waste a lot of time. That is my only complaint."
יתרונות: "Great crew, great service. Super clean airplane. Fast checkin and baggage drop off."
חסרונות: "I was surprised, and only for the best!"
יתרונות: "Quick. Clean plane"
חסרונות: "Boarding a bit long but still fine"
יתרונות: "Hfghfnnfdvjjffb ffnmfxjjtfjkyg hhfbjfbkffjj gdhjgg"
חסרונות: "Fjhdjjgjk fhjkrscmloj kgdblohg fjgjj dhlydhkk dhkrhk"
יתרונות: "Fast, clean, gracious."
חסרונות: "Food."
יתרונות: "Good service"
חסרונות: "Luggage was not included in the price of the ticket- had to pay $ 40.00 for each suitcase/bag."
חסרונות: "The price of the ticket did not include luggage. The biggest problem is that it was not mentioned anywhere during the booking process, and I found out that extra 40$ should be payed for every suitcase at the checkin desk."
יתרונות: "Very comfortable"
חסרונות: "A short flight so not that important but the seats were a bit narrow and mine being in front of an exit row did not recline"
יתרונות: "The flight was posfond in tel aviv by 45 minutes"
חסרונות: "Waiting area was very crowded. The flight was delayed."
יתרונות: "the food was really good, and somone met us to get us to the next flight"
יתרונות: "Nice and clean aircraft nice service"
יתרונות: "extra seat room. Very nice crew."

The flight was loud, seats uncomfortable, but the flight attendant’s we’re nice 👌. Very poor in terms of comfort or food. Also really expensive. I would advise everyone to eat and drink before the flights. It’s really bad.

No food or entertainment. Reasonable seats

You asked about food and entertainment, but there was none. The seats were uncomfortable.

announcements in english. 5 hour delay, asked twice (and so did other passengers), but no updates in any other language.

חסרונות: "This really is more about the flight from paris to Bucharest: I’ve literally never experienced a worse ticketing and boarding process. Old planes, ride staff (even by remarkably curt and abrupt Romanian standards). Broken inline experience. Overall unpleasant. Seems to be flown only by Romanian families with hundreds of pounds of luggage. Like a caravan."
חסרונות: "could not be delayed"
חסרונות: "I missed my flight because my previous flight was delayed 2.5 hrs"
חסרונות: "One hour delay"
יתרונות: "To be going home!"
חסרונות: "Female crew taking orders then taking ages to ring drinks a d they move on to others instead of finishing what they were doing. Then you're lucky if you get given 1 sugar and no spoon lol."
יתרונות: "The flight departed on time and arrived the same. The seat was a tad bit narrow for me but then I am a tall guy at 6'5". Crew was very professional. Ticket cost was a third of what the other airlines were offering for a Sunday fare. I'll definitely use BlueAir again!"
חסרונות: "I was not allowed to take the push chair on board even though on the inbound flight was ok to do so. I have purchased the push chair especially so I can take it on board. Disappointed."
יתרונות: "I canceled the flight 6 weeks ago, no refund issued."
חסרונות: "I canceled the flight 6 weeks ago, no refund issued."
יתרונות: "Boarding was quick and we arrived on time."
חסרונות: "When getting to Bucharest we were taken by bus and didn’t have a gate."
יתרונות: "What to like? The rudness? The delays? Or the fights on board!!!"
חסרונות: "The flight was delayed with nearly 2 hrs. Cabin crew were rude made as feel very uncomfortable. This flight as whoke was the worst one I have even been too. Never ever again. BLUE AIR NEEDS TO SORT ALOT OF THINGS BEFORE OFFER SUCH SERVICES"
חסרונות: "I was unable to check n online (although the process was intitated well earlier than 12 hours prior to departure). The system charged y credit card for a seat reservation and then crashed with an error, both on my phone and laptop browser. When I called at 9:00 am (when their offices are open) to ask for help with what happened, I received no answer other than, "the check in system has just closed. I am unable to help you in any way". I booked another flight with another carrier, and did not take this flight., not do I plan to book with them in the future That being said, it is not the job of the employee to defend a poorly working system. Services need upgrade asap."
חסרונות: "flight delayed by more than 1 hour"
חסרונות: "I have booked with 2 checked in baggage pieces. On check in I was told no baggage was paid and I had to pay 100€ for the baggage."
חסרונות: "The plane seemed very old, toilet in poor condition."
חסרונות: "7hour delayin onnecting flight! Seats on plane torn and very uncomfortable, meal booked but no food available."
חסרונות: "Flight was rescheduled for 3 hours later than original departure. Check in opened less than two hours before the rescheduled flight time so everyone was stuck waiting at check-in for hours. We couldnt even go in and relax inside at restaurants or the gate because online check in wasnt available. Then the flight was further delayed with no news about when the new take off would be or why the delay. Finally boarded a tiny plane that had propellers and a loud take off, if you easily fright on planes probably not the best choice for you. And then someone started smoking on the flight and the attendants had to announce again that smoking wasnt allowed. On and off throughout the flight it smelled like someone was smoking so I wonder if it was even coming from the cockpit."
יתרונות: "Flight was delay by 1 hour consequently my luggage did Ot arrive with me to Katowice on top of that there is no more flights today from waw to kat with lot Airline"
חסרונות: "Serive to pay extra luggage very very slow"
חסרונות: "It was very hot on the plane. There was no legroom in my seat, it was very uncomfortable."
יתרונות: "Crew, polite and friendly"
חסרונות: "delay of more than 6 hours and incorrect information"
יתרונות: "company gave out free drinks and snacks"
חסרונות: "They change the fly departing time with 12 hours before I was flying"
יתרונות: "Every thing."
יתרונות: "Very good airport check-in and flight. The Check-in staff were quick and efficient and the Flight Crew were friendly and attentive. It was calm and restful."
חסרונות: "The internet support. I spent meny hours trying to check-in and upgrade my case allowance from 20kg to 32kg, and failed. When I tried to change the baggage weight to 32kg a charge was added for NOT taking the case PLUS the extra for the 32kg case! The cost of a case is reasonable and I would advise to pay the extra £5 for 32kg for most flights. The on-line Seating Selection is also unreliable, I was seated next to an empty seat which had been showing to be unavailable on-line! A response to my query which I sent to Blue Air arrived when I was in the air on the flight! It only repeated the baggage section of the Confitions document! Thank goodness for the excellent airport check-in staff and the Flight Crew!"
יתרונות: "On time ,clean aircraft..."
חסרונות: "Crew was very serious...a smile can make a difference....."
יתרונות: "The flight went well."
חסרונות: "Bag drop off was terrible and stressful. We arrived 2.5 Hours early to drop the ONE suitcase and have brunch. We queued for 1.5 Hours to then be blocked as all six counters were given over to another flight and people who arrived LATER then us for our flight got to go first. It was incredibly stressful and frustrating especially when I checked in online before arriving at the airport. We had to rush and run through the airport and board at final call. In fact it would put me off flying with Blue Air again."
חסרונות: "Flight was cancelled a week before and didn't get a replacement flight. Got half of my money back. Will never book a blue air flight again !"
חסרונות: "The actual flight was good, but to try and check in on line is murder..the website needs a totally new revamp, both to & from Larnaca I was unable to check in on line. You enter all your details press confirm and it is supposed to go to the next instruction, but a message appeared then took you back to your previous page and you had to input all your details again..this happened many times before I eventually gave up."
חסרונות: "Rude crew, not organised work , not enough space for legs"
יתרונות: "The food they offer to purchase. Easy check in at the airport."
חסרונות: "Better seat pitch. I'm not a tall man, but the space is very small."
יתרונות: "On time , crew good... no complaints"
יתרונות: "free breakfast great staff"
יתרונות: "Free drinks, cheap flight and fairly comfortable!"
חסרונות: "No allocated seat."
יתרונות: "Cheap in price, unexpected free snack on outbound flight, relaxed attitude to luggage, both hold and carry on, chartered unscheduled flight after original was cancelled"
חסרונות: "The fact our original flight was cancelled and we were delayed by 7.5 hours. They communication from the airport crew was little to non and flight time changed 4 times. They even told us difinitively that we would board at a certain time only for us to actually board nearly 2 hours later. They, without a doubt, knew the rescheduled flight time but strung us on anyway - I believe this was so they could save money on hotels"
יתרונות: "staff very friendly and polite ..airplane wasnt full so i get the chance to have a nice fly with my 2 little sons"
חסרונות: "-"
יתרונות: "Everything was awesome!!! I am going to buy only from you my next flights."
יתרונות: "I recomand to Everyone to use the airlines!!Very good quality"
חסרונות: "Nothing , was everything perfect!The stewardesses very nice"
יתרונות: "Can't say that I liked anything at all."
חסרונות: "1. Poor coordination by the crew members. 2. Been treated with arrogance and superiority by crew members. 3. Disgusting food."
יתרונות: "comfy seats and a breakfast thrown in !"
חסרונות: "not much"
יתרונות: "Leaving more or less on time serving food & beverages on a low cost flight Even though I didnt eat (carb free, there were'nt any friut or vegtebles) yet the idea was thoughtfull."
חסרונות: "Seats rather narrow"
יתרונות: "Good price, comfortable seats, nuce food and candies"
חסרונות: "No online check-in. 1 hour waiting for nothing."
יתרונות: "First time flying with them. Strongly recommended!"
יתרונות: "Staff on board was friendly"
חסרונות: "Planes were late Issue with on-line check-in Non responsive contact center at high cost per minute Absolutely inadequate space for knees, am 1.93 and my knees were stuck all the way during the flight although I had upgraded to a seat with better space. Old aircraft"
יתרונות: "The service was OK, we flew on time and the flight itself was pleasant."
חסרונות: "The interior of the aircrafts looked old and a bit dirty. The feeling is that you are flying on a poor low cost service."
יתרונות: "I was surprised and pleased as well that the flight attendant listen to me when I mentioned that it's very cold in the cabin and in less than 30 minutes the temperature was changed and bearable"
חסרונות: "Not applicable"
יתרונות: "Seemed like a technical problem. The pilot wouldn't give up any information."
חסרונות: "Small seats with little legroom"
חסרונות: "No hard liquor. Only wine"
יתרונות: "Yes crew was amazing and bathrooms remained clean for entire flight"
חסרונות: "More space and larger selection of movies and shows."
יתרונות: "Crew was polite and courteous. Flight arrived on time despite late takeoff."
חסרונות: "Reading light and entertainment system did not work the entire flight despite repeating attempts from crew to restart system. This is a 12 hour flight and with out overhead light and / or entertainment, one cannot do much. Could have been good also if there was wifi, like other airlines have."
יתרונות: "The food"
חסרונות: "The plane was falling apart and there was no Ac. Dirty plane too. I was surprised how poor it was."
יתרונות: "No, the crew wasn't amazing, and no, the seats weren't super-comfortable. Nothing especially good about this flight, but it did take off and land safely, which is the main thing."
יתרונות: "Crew, experience he tv show was nice"
חסרונות: "Baggage check. OMG get it together EL AL. Hire more baggage checkers so I have more time to buy stuff and eat at airport. You wasted 1.75 hrs of my life."
יתרונות: "Crew, service, clean. Free wifi."
חסרונות: "Nothing . Perfect flight."
יתרונות: "The seat was not super comfortable.I was grestful that I sat next to a very nice person."
חסרונות: "The vegan food wasn't very tasty.There was a very limited choice of entertainment.The staff was excellent;very friendly and helpful."
יתרונות: "I had a good experience purchasing my El Al ticket through Kayak. I was able to select my seat--exit row seats at no extra cost! (although the ticket was admittedly expensive). El Al itself was fine. Service was fine. Food was fine for airplane food. (The bread was actually good, much better than the food on America airlines in general). El Al is known for their tight security and we certainly experienced that. However, I found myself NOT annoyed by it. Because I and my traveling partner were not Jewish or Israeli, we were singled out and interrogated with extra questions. This doesn't sound good but it meant we didn't have to wait in the regular line and kind of got the VIP treatment. We were treated very nicely. Someone went out of their way to get us a seat while we waited for them to inspect the dust particle samples on our wallet and shoes. TSA makes my blood boil but the security through El Al was somehow a pleasant experience. Overall, I was satisfied."
חסרונות: "The seats were a little narrow. Unlike other reviewers, I did not find the crew particularly friendly."
יתרונות: "Nothing to get imprese"
חסרונות: "Good attention, standard flight"
יתרונות: "Comfort Crew was nice"
חסרונות: "Food bad taste Small tv screens Bad quality"
יתרונות: "Landing"
חסרונות: "Delay, food, entertainment"
יתרונות: "Not much."
חסרונות: "Seating atrocious. Considering there first. Was given row 40 then at boarding was moved to 55. 6 rows from back. As domeone who suffers epilepsy and cancer and other health issues it was unpleasant sitting amidst lots of noisy children. I asked hostess if there were two seats up front was told “absolutely not” during flight i went and sat at back on crews seat just to make it easier was told to get off not permitted. Then i gave up. I fly a lot for work but wont be flying Thai again. Sorry disappointing. Ps I told crew member anout health issues and she was not interested. So cheers."
חסרונות: "Storage is too small for trolley or even a computer bagpack"
יתרונות: "Crew and boarding and price"
חסרונות: "Charging got coffee is a bit much. NO foot room"
יתרונות: "It was my first flight with El Al and would do it again the attention of all the stewardess was excellent above all their attitude to please passengers."
יתרונות: "the part I liked was that the plane didn't crash."
חסרונות: "other than the pilot doing his job, the experience of flying on this flight (operated by Arkia) wasn't up to any basic standards. this began when the boarding started - we were escorted to our busses which was to take us to the plane itself. however there was no bus. apparently the bus was right around the corner but its perfectly aligned stop near the doors was hindered by a truck that took about a third of the spot. so for some reason instead of simply allowing passengers to walk 3 meters, we had to stand in a small inclosed area for about 15 min with no seats for the older people. once we actually boarded it was chaos. people stuffed their luggage in the overheads in such a way that they didn't close, couldn't find their seats and we're stuck in the isle waiting for others to find a place for their luggage. this happens, sure, but there was no staff in sight to assist and instead they were on the microphone telling people to clear the isle and sit down, like we're on a bus... why not have people board the plane in groups and areas? the bus did two rounds of bringing people to the plane anyway, why not do this smartly and devide passengers into boarding groups, for our and the staffs ease? Finally everyone were in their seats and the plane took off. this is a very short flight of 45 min. and I understand it's a low cost company but during almost half of the flight you just hear the staff on the speakers reading out commercials, offering to buy cigarettes and whatever, telling how they have the best prices(!). finally we land, and instead of requesting everybody remain in their seats until the doors open, like the staff does on every single flight I've ever been on in my life, the guy on the mic says some stupid joke. TLDR : the whole flight felt like it was operated and staffed by teenagers, and not the responsible and bright kind. I am very happy we arrived safe because the staff made me doubt the pilots abilities as well. nothing to say about the passengers, they're israeli so anyone who has flown with them know what it feels like. just put your headphones in, it'll be over soon."
יתרונות: "Staff was great!"
חסרונות: "The seats were so tight I felt claustrophobic and I'm only 5'4". The food was not very appetizing."
יתרונות: "All was cool!"
חסרונות: "All was ok, flight was a bit late, but fine"
יתרונות: "Crew"
חסרונות: "To small plan"
חסרונות: "The movie"
חסרונות: "I didn't ply . I did check in . Then they ask me to pay 70$ for my baggage because it's nut El AL it's different compani - up . In the email it's say I have 1 free baggage. I was were upset so I didn't fly . I will be were happy to get answer from kayak . Thank u BTW I fix all my ticket whit kayak . That what really neck me upset"
יתרונות: "The food was good and the crew on board was pretty good."
חסרונות: "I am always treated like I'm a bad person since I'm not Jewish. However, this time I was expecting it, so I wasn't surprised. However, the planes are SUPER out of date and there were only a few channels and on the way to Israel most of them were in hebrew. For a 12 hour flight on the way back, there wasn't really anything to do since the 4 movies they had just kept repeating themselves and I didn't really like 2 of them."
יתרונות: "11 hr flight Business and 1st class were full, so we decided to upgrade to premium coach. There was plenty of leg room, however you are right beside the bathroom and the galley so don't think about resting cause the lights flash the whole trip"
יתרונות: "The flight was good"
חסרונות: "It was almost 2 hours delayed from the original departure time!!"
חסרונות: "That the passengers left such a mess and I felt sad, over all a great fought."
יתרונות: "It was FREEZING. I have never experienced. The like on any airline. It was like sitting in a refrigerator for five hours- made it a very uncomfortable flight."
חסרונות: "on our way back' from Prague to TLV the ground crew decided that the "rules" for baggage has changed. they charged me for one "Trolli" suitcase because they desided that camera bag "counts" as suitcase . BAD experience. Won't fly with them again."
יתרונות: "The crew"
חסרונות: "The seats"
יתרונות: "Nice service"
חסרונות: "Dinner was a sandwich"
יתרונות: "Nothing was particularly good."
חסרונות: "ElAl canceled my return flight from Tel Aviv with little advance warning and no reason given, I suspect because of underbooking. They successfully rerouted through Boston, but then messed up re-ticketing in Logan. Food edible but unappetizing. Ancient 767 with no seat-based, on-demand movies (they played on ceiling-mounted screens). No Wifi. Customer service on phone had huge hold times. Personnel were not available between flights. Will not fly again."
יתרונות: "Entertainment system did not work at my seats on both legs on my round flight."
יתרונות: "The flifht was not fully booked which obviously had a positive impact on crew and service"
יתרונות: "Mechanical problems, grounded in montreal for 4 hours, no food or water or air conditioner. Antique entertainment system. Sad part is I live in Montreal and I wasn't allowed to get off the plane, I had to sit on for an extra 4 hours and then fly to Toronto only to get on another flight back to Montreal, because of dumb Quebec beauracy, And pathetic élal incompetent management."
יתרונות: "Food was fine, Accommodations for collecting the garbage should be sooner so passenger can get out of seat . Beverages offered were a plus."
חסרונות: "Seats were very crowded and tight. Passengers should not be charged for preferred seating."
יתרונות: "I had purchased a flight ticket to leave china on the 10 January and that was clear on my ticket. Once at the areport in chengdu ( after a flight from Tel Aviv to Beijing and Beijing to chengdu) I was told that my flight to Sydney was leaving on 11 January. I had to stay in chengdu for an extra 26 hours and not 2 hours 40 as it was clearly mentioned on the ticket I have purchased. I feel I was cheated and I am not satisfied"
יתרונות: "the crew were trying to do a good job."
חסרונות: "el al changed the aircraft at the last minute. check in and boarding were very late, slow and stressfull, as they kept kicking people out of the flight beacuase the aircraft was smaller."
חסרונות: "My flight was operated by American Airlines but it wasn't clear to me on the e-ticket so I went to elal terminal. By the time elal staff realized I wasn't on that flight it was too late to get to AA so I missed my flight"
חסרונות: "Plane left late and arrived late. As a result we missed our connecting flight and, because of the impending typhoon in Hong Kong, had to be rerouted via Auckland on Air New Zealand. As a result it took us an extra 24 hours to get home."
חסרונות: "Food was horrible and was down to one option by the time the crew got to the back of the plane. Security for this airline is ridiculous and the staff are incredibly rude."
חסרונות: "when buying with Kayak, one can not order a seat in the airplane. the flight was full and i had to wait until every body boarded the plane. i waited 2 hours for it. it would be nice if you can send a link to the official site to choose a seat or a reminder to do so 2 days before the flight. thank you"
חסרונות: "Elal changed the airplane to a tiny plane run by some charter company. The seats were tiny. No legs pace and the next passenger had half his body on me. El-Al is complete disgrace and I hope never to fly with them again, which is a shame, since I am from Israel. In any case, I paid full price, and received something worse than I would expect from any low-cost company. El-Al should be ashamed."
יתרונות: "Nothing"
חסרונות: "We got to Barcelona about an hour before the flight to Charlotte. There were 50 of us. They put us on a bus took us to the plane had us wait on the bus for an hour. Told us we couldn't get on the plane and we needed to get new tickets. It took 4 hours to get our backs and new tickets and the customer service was terrible they didn't want to help us."
יתרונות: "El Al, flight that is secured well Flight officer shared during the flight few tips about berlin."
חסרונות: "Flight was on Terminal 1, old and with mess and queues that are not organized. El Al Fly web site is horrible, can register well, lot of mistakes, at the end had to call few time. Had to add 160$! For 2 suitcases and seat arrangements (seat near my wif), so this is not low cost flight at the end. Missing water and small snacks during the flight."
יתרונות: "Was a very bad and negative experience. I fly btw Israel and NYC about 5 times a year, I will not fly again with El Al because of the terrible service and lack or respect for a plane full of 200+ customers."
חסרונות: "Plane left Ben gurion 7 hours late. No apologies offered. Zero customer service. No snacks or food or even smallest attempt made to improve the experience. Pathetic and dumb way to treat paying customers."
יתרונות: "The stewardess were very sweet and tried to get it working for us"
חסרונות: "The lights above our seats and the screens did not work at all during the flight. The screens were not such a problem as the stewardess gave us ipads, but the non working lights were very frustrating."
יתרונות: "Nothing in particular"
חסרונות: "Flight was late. Old aircraft. Very little space between the seats."
חסרונות: "Was late to leave- late to arrive- slow boarding- no explanation from crew Ppl moved all around- loud drunk ppl- crew don't keep order- poorly managed."

Only 4.5 hrs flight, regular commercial flight. Not crouded at all which was great! But - No entertainment whatsoever. No food or drinks. Even water. I would gladly pay for food, whereas every thing written in the menu wasn't available, but snacks. Not funny guys!! We were in 2 hour lines before boarding. We were not aware that the 400 us dolarla tickets are without food and drinks. We were tired and we were hungry and thirsty. And here it was: a very appetizing menu that we can't buy anything on it.... Again, not funny at all.

יתרונות: "The seat was terrible"
חסרונות: "If I had gotten my luggage at the end of the flight"
יתרונות: "Smooth flying so got some sleep"
חסרונות: "Clearer back-to-front boarding process"
יתרונות: "Paid for Business , got a minor economy service ."
חסרונות: "Almost no advantages for business ticket traveller"
יתרונות: "Good movies."
חסרונות: "I called United to make sure there was a children’s meal for my 3 year old. There was not."
יתרונות: "cheap ticket"
חסרונות: "lack of service, very unfriendly stewardess"
יתרונות: "The actual boarding functioned ok and despite a late departure we got to Brussels ok. They also announced our boarding gates which helped."
חסרונות: "The check in was shockingly bad. I had pre-checked in, but that did not help. I got put in a line for people who had not checked in. It was not possible to ask to be in the right line. Most of the people behind me were moved to another line while we waited for 30 minutes. When I mentioned the ground crew, who had long conversations with the people checking in, he said it was not their fault at all. It was not impressive."
יתרונות: "Nothing"
חסרונות: "I am handicap, I travel with a scooter. We let them know months in advance and still they did not plan or assist. My scooter was not brought up in Brussels or DC, I refused to leave the plane in DC until they finally brought it to plane. They sat me in row 38...I can only walk a few feet so the airline failed in every aspect...epuc fail. I will never fly Brussels airlines again."
יתרונות: "Arrived ahead of time"
חסרונות: "Not business treatment, the boarding que, the seats, the food"
חסרונות: "Choice of food was very limited as they were missing the food in catalog."
יתרונות: "Great wheel chair service"
חסרונות: "Polite customer service agent"
חסרונות: "Very disappointing, Lufthansa airline sold my return ticket to another customers with out notifying me, so i’m stuck in here now and i have to find another ticket. And of course the flight is not refundable."
חסרונות: "Seat and cabin temperature was very uncomfortable."
יתרונות: "Nothing"
חסרונות: "We got zero offer of beverages during our flight, even a cup of water! Glad we bought our own. It seemed like one of the flight attendants was in a flight with a customer during boarding."
יתרונות: "Good flight overall- staff lovely"
חסרונות: "Limited food choices"
יתרונות: "Great airline"
חסרונות: "Great distance to walk between terminals for transfer"
יתרונות: "They have the funniest and engaging safety video I have ever seen"
חסרונות: "no information on the board about delay and gate change"
יתרונות: "Good value, Staff were polite and helpful. On time."
יתרונות: "Crew was polite, but..."
חסרונות: "The flight attendants seemed unused to the idea that Orthodox Jews won't sit beside people of the opposite sex. This made boarding take longer than it needed to. The airline should figure out a way to streamline this process on flights to/from Tel Aviv."
יתרונות: "The safety instructions movie was entertaining the first time. The crew was friendly overall."
חסרונות: "Both my luggage items were lost on the way there and one on the way back. No free food or drink although the flight price is not that low."
יתרונות: "Comfortable seats"
חסרונות: "Food was rubbish"
יתרונות: "Crew. Entertainment. Food. Leg room was a bit longer than usual."
חסרונות: "Lack of complimentary food - not even a snack as far as I can remember - for almost 5 hours flight. Really?"
חסרונות: "Sardine tin bus transfers from hell."
יתרונות: "The only thing I liked was that I landed safely in Brussels."
חסרונות: "It was a 5 hour flight with seats that didn’t recline, head rests that didn’t move, no in-flight entertainment, no pillows or blankets, and unfriendly and somewhat rude, jaded flight attendants. The most uncomfortable international flight I’ve been on"
יתרונות: "Punctual, clean plane, friendly service"
חסרונות: "Everything was as expected. Full flight!"
יתרונות: "Good leg space and went on time."
חסרונות: "Cup of coffee would be nice but this you need to buy and this is STUPID Expensive"
יתרונות: "Ok easy flight. Crew were great, really friendly:)"
חסרונות: "Seats to small, food humm? Dubious"
יתרונות: "The crew were very nice."
חסרונות: "It was a small plane with only 1 bathroom which was not available for the flight due to long lines. There was no food or even a drink of water without payment. there was no in flight entertainment."
יתרונות: "Safe flight"
חסרונות: "They dropped our connection. Took 3 hours to straighten it out"
יתרונות: "Long flights are never fun It helped that the crew was helpful and pleasant Food was ok but there could have been more offered It was an 8 hour flight and there was one meal an hour after take off and then just a very small snack and drink an hour before Not enough water was offered throughout the flight"
יתרונות: "I was happy to see that I had a huge amount of leg room on both of the flight legs! - Very comfortable"
יתרונות: "They had a funny safety video"
חסרונות: "The flight was delayed by an hour. Not only did this mean that I didn't have a chance to rest in Hamburg, it also meant that I had to sprint to get my connecting flight which was on the other side of a huge U shaped airport."
יתרונות: "great"
יתרונות: "The team was nice, the flight took off on time and arrived a few minutes early"
חסרונות: "Even though I'm a star Alliance frequent traveler status holder, and the status grants an extra bag on economy class I was forced to pay for my first checked in bag. Furthermore, since I assumed I'll be getting my checked in luggage for free (as it states on the miles and more website) I didn't pay for it in advance a fee of 35$, meaning they made me pay 65$ in the airport."
חסרונות: "The flight was similar to a low-cost airline but I was not informed of this when booking. Uncomfortable seats with very little legroom, and food was only available by purchase. Not worth paying the cost of a regular flight for a 5 hour flight!"
חסרונות: "There was a very long wait checking in and boarding and there was no kosher food available on the flight."
חסרונות: "4 hour delay"
יתרונות: "The seats in the plane were amazing. Maybe older but better than the new ones."
חסרונות: "No infotainment screen"
יתרונות: "Tons of food"
חסרונות: "Terrible in flight entertainment selection"
יתרונות: "Did not like airline so much."
חסרונות: "Staff did not allow access to lavatories when they were serving drinks and the long waits after were ridiculous"
יתרונות: "Liked flight home arrived early luggage on belt quickly fragile parcel looked after and loads of leg room on airbus"
חסרונות: "Nothung"
יתרונות: "Nothing"
חסרונות: "All of it. Missed an event because of their delay. An event I paid for."
יתרונות: "Same as above"
חסרונות: "Same as above"
חסרונות: "Departure delayed for unspecified reasons, most of the passengers like me had connecting flights and it was stressful"
חסרונות: "I have no words flew not honored and I had to buy a ticket at the airport. Thank you for your service!"
יתרונות: "Very old planes No entertainment Very nice stewardess"
יתרונות: "Nothing I could particularly remark on"
חסרונות: "Travelling out to Budapest our flight was delayed about 40 minutes. We had a connection in Brussels and had to run from B terminal to A to reach on time. We reached the flight, however bags did not make the connection. We received bags next day at hotel. Travelling home, the flight was delayed 1h30m, the gates were shifted 3 times for departure, we had to sprint this time for conmection again B to A terminals. On the flight we were told Edinburgh connection would be rebooked so go to desk, however we made the flight just and so did the luggage, if we had waitied as told to rebook our luggage would have landed in Edinburgh with us stuck in Brussels. Won't be using again."
יתרונות: "I eventually got home"
חסרונות: "I didn't get to sleep as I had to spend hours booking a new flight."
יתרונות: "Overall plesant."
חסרונות: "No snack not even a peanut."

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15 ש' ו-40 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1חברות תעופה מרובות
11 ש' ו-35 ד'BRU-TLV
עצירה 1אג'יאן איירליינס
15 ש' ו-40 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1אג'יאן איירליינס
6 ש' ו-35 ד'BRU-TLV
עצירה 1אג'יאן איירליינס
6 ש' ו-30 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1אג'יאן איירליינס
6 ש' ו-35 ד'BRU-TLV
עצירה 1אג'יאן איירליינס
15 ש' ו-40 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1אג'יאן איירליינס
6 ש' ו-35 ד'BRU-TLV
עצירה 1סוויס אינטרנשיונל אייר ליינס
10 ש' ו-15 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1סוויס אינטרנשיונל אייר ליינס
6 ש' ו-20 ד'BRU-TLV
עצירה 1סוויס אינטרנשיונל אייר ליינס
10 ש' ו-15 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1סוויס אינטרנשיונל אייר ליינס
11 ש' ו-40 ד'BRU-TLV
עצירה 1אג'יאן איירליינס
15 ש' ו-40 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1אג'יאן איירליינס
12 ש' ו-10 ד'BRU-TLV

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2 עצירותחברות תעופה מרובות
20 ש' ו-10 ד'TLV-BRU
2 עצירותריינאייר
14 ש' ו-50 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1easyJet
9 ש' ו-10 ד'TLV-BRU
3 עצירותריינאייר
14 ש' ו-10 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1easyJet
9 ש' ו-10 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1חברות תעופה מרובות
16 ש' ו-00 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1חברות תעופה מרובות
10 ש' ו-55 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1חברות תעופה מרובות
19 ש' ו-05 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1חברות תעופה מרובות
12 ש' ו-10 ד'TLV-BRU
3 עצירותריינאייר
14 ש' ו-10 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1easyJet
19 ש' ו-20 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1חברות תעופה מרובות
12 ש' ו-35 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1בלו אייר
10 ש' ו-30 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1אג'יאן איירליינס
6 ש' ו-30 ד'TLV-BRU
3 עצירותריינאייר
14 ש' ו-10 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1בלו אייר
10 ש' ו-30 ד'TLV-BRU
2 עצירותריינאייר
14 ש' ו-50 ד'TLV-BRU
עצירה 1בלו אייר
23 ש' ו-05 ד'TLV-BRU
ללא עצירהBrussels Airlines
5 ש' ו-00 ד'TLV-BRU
ללא עצירהEL AL
4 ש' ו-55 ד'TLV-BRU

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