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דירוגים על בסיס חוות הדעת של משתמשי KAYAK
Emiratesדירוג כולל בהתבסס על 16075 חוות דעת
8.3עלייה למטוס
חוות דעת חברות תעופה

One of my checked luggage was torn when received. I had to go through claim process. They asked for original receipt which I had by chance and reimbursed the cost.

מידע נוסף על Emirates

One of my checked luggage was torn when received. I had to go through claim process. They asked for original receipt which I had by chance and reimbursed the cost.

Best fligh

good service

You should add little bit more snacks.

יתרונות: "Somehow"
חסרונות: "Food service was very slow. Flight from Dubai Seattle did not provide PPE"
יתרונות: "Seats were comfortable and crew was great"
יתרונות: "Crew was good but only one thing I don’t know why before landing 30min crew starting collect blankets and headsets it’s making me so upset!"
יתרונות: "All the service."
חסרונות: "nothing."
יתרונות: "?"
חסרונות: "No"
יתרונות: "."
חסרונות: "."
חסרונות: "Very nice"
חסרונות: "The flight crew and gate crew were the rudest I have seen in my entire life. They acted as if they were too good to acknowledge passengers and ignored the flight attendant light and other efforts to get their attention to ask a question."
יתרונות: "Yes!"
חסרונות: "It was ok"
חסרונות: "Me"
יתרונות: "same, crew is amazing"
יתרונות: "it was good, i like all the services from staff."
חסרונות: "Breads must be at least warm. The breads were frozen."
יתרונות: "Professional flight attendants."
חסרונות: "Inconsistency in packing policies. My sister And I each had a curtain to bring back. I was told that it had to be boxed and wrapped and she wasn’t. Also there were issues with baggage claim at IAD. I took about 45 minutes for the bags to come out."
יתרונות: "All was fine"
חסרונות: "Nothing"
יתרונות: "The size of seats , the food and the service"
חסרונות: "The entertainment system had few glitches but workable ( flickering banners of the channel or sound, volume"
חסרונות: "I cant cause im still at quantos waiting for them to find my god damn bags!"
יתרונות: "Excellent"
יתרונות: "Everyone was nice"
חסרונות: "No complaints"
יתרונות: "Comfortable seat, good service and food, and a very comprehensive on board entertainment selection."
חסרונות: "A lot of background noise when using the supplied headphones"
יתרונות: "On board crew personable and trying to do a good job. No one on the ground seems to have a clue."
חסרונות: "Boarding is shambolic - no signs, no announcements, no disciplined queuing system. Business class sears old-fashioned, not horizontal, uncomfortable. Impossible to get to first class lounge until the Emirates desk opens (we had a 5-hour wait before we could go to security as we couldn’t go through until the desk opened to take checked luggage. They appear unfamiliar with boarding passes on the phone - wanted paper ones."
חסרונות: "Before I start my complaint I would like to say that my family and I had 6 emirates flights this year and 5 of those flights were very good and we thoroughly enjoyed our traveling with emirates but this 1 flight came out to be the worst flight of my life. I made online check-in and chose our seats and all was successful but when we reached the airport and I opened my app, it displayed that online boarding pass was not available. After moving slowly in a long queue, when I reached near boarding counters, an official checked my name in a list and informed that there was some new tax applied on us and thus I had to visit counter 5 or 6 to pay that tax. We joined the queue of counter 5 but it was not moving at all and I noticed some people being served at counter 5 who were not in the queue, thinking that counter 5 might take longer, I joined counter 6 queue where there were only 1 family and 1 passenger ahead of me, for next half hour we stood there but that queue didn't move. Finally after some time another counter called me, he confirmed that I had made online check-in. We were given boarding passes and were asked to wait for tax processing, After another 15min, we were given all papers and were requested to move to the immigration counter. After immigration when we were going through final security check, the emirates official asked me to hurry up, I showed him that the security process was going on in front of him, upon that he asked why I was late to airport, I informed him that I made online check-in and I was required to be there 90min before the flight but I was there 150min before the flight and it was in front of him how long the tax processing took, upon that he said that I should have been at the boarding counter 240min before the flight and that I should be aware of the facilities at the airport (although it was my 1st time there). I had not made any complaint on what had happened so far to anyone and I was not rude to anyone although I was with my wife and 1.5 years old son who was crying coz of warn weather and thirst, we couldn't provide him with water coz we were standing in queues all the time. But hearing such comments from Emirates official were quite unbearable but still I stayed calm and reached at the gate. When I handed over the boarding passes, I was told that my boarding pass was missing and I was quickly blamed by emirates officials that either I reached there without a boarding pass or I had lost it. When they checked in their system it showed that I was already boarded, I understood that they gave my boarding pass to someone else but they kept on saying that I had lost it and also informed the same to plane crew, then they made a manual boarding pass for me and let me pass the gate. We were the last passengers to enter the plane. When I reached at my seat, there was someone else sitting there, upon taking attendant's help, it was discovered that the passenger sitting there had my boarding pass."
יתרונות: "The relaxed environment and the crew are amazing"
חסרונות: "Some snacks between the food service"
יתרונות: "The flight was excellent, good service and excellent staff"
יתרונות: "Nothing really. Packed like sardines in seats which are too narrow."
חסרונות: "2 hour delay at DFW because other flights de icing Diverted in mid Atlantic to Dublin because of problems with toilets. Waited 2-3 hours there. Missed connecting flight from Dubai to BLR. Only good thing was that Emirates gave me a boarding pass to a later flight and a meal voucher that was accepted with bad grace by the barista at terminal B Costas. Two of the meal voucher choices Cozi & Burger King had gone out of business!"
יתרונות: "Travelled Business Class - a great experience."
חסרונות: "Slow to board."
יתרונות: "Good food."
חסרונות: "Some people requesting me to exchange seats. They were young boys. This is the second time in Emirates."
יתרונות: "The flight was superb."
חסרונות: "Nothing. Will always fly Emirates whenever I get the chance."
יתרונות: "The service, the food and the comfort, as well as the entertainment are the best."
חסרונות: "Nothing."
יתרונות: "Was upgraded to 1st class which was amazing - the only thing I didn't like was it was a night flight and not long enough to enjoy it for longer!"
יתרונות: "The movie selections, and really nice lighting on board."
יתרונות: "Service"
חסרונות: "Iwas unable to select vegetarian meal on webjet online service"
חסרונות: "The economy seats are too narrow and 10 abreast on a 777 is one too many seats."
יתרונות: "The entertainment options were great!"
חסרונות: "There was no leg room at all in economy. My knees were in the seat of the person in front of me. Most of the food was terrible and I only ate the bread. The TV is on the back of the seat in front of you and is a touch screen. You have to touch pretty hard. So, every time the person behind me was scrolling, they had to hit my seat."
יתרונות: "The crew were excellent, very helpful and friendly. The most friendly crew I have flown with. Qantas could learn something from Emirates."
חסרונות: "Nothing"
יתרונות: "Crew onboard - do great on a very busy route Punctuality- on time departure & arrivals"
חסרונות: "- older planes - no amenities like pillows, blankets , kits - food is geared towards spicy, with no options for anyone who prefers a lighter continental option. - touchscreen did not work. Constantly having to tap hard is probably annoying to the person in front, also Worry that the TV heating up is probably not great for the head resting on the seat"
יתרונות: "Everything!"
חסרונות: "Not a single thing. Emirates is terrific!"
יתרונות: "The food was great"
חסרונות: "The fleight was great too"
יתרונות: "I was impressed by the professionalism!"
חסרונות: "Chinese passengers passing gas!"
יתרונות: "It's a classy, professional operation with new, comfortable, very well-equipped planes, high-end entertainment options, an international crew, and many small comforts that really add up to a better experience."
יתרונות: "Hospitality"
חסרונות: "Not getting corner seats"
יתרונות: "The crew were friendly."
חסרונות: "wifi wasn't good - I couldn't connect. Wine choice wasn't good (white). Would have preferred a sav blanc"
יתרונות: "Really comfortable plane, and the service and food were exceptional!"
יתרונות: "Staff was very nice and calming, especially during heavy turbulence. Food was pretty good. Pizza was delicious. Seats we're comfy, plane was extremely clean. Love the ceiling "stars" Best airline i've ever flown with."
חסרונות: "The flight was canceled and the staff had no idea how to rebook."
יתרונות: "Foods and electronic entertainment"
חסרונות: "The male flight attendant accidently hit my head without apologize while I was bending down to tight my shoes."

שירות מאוד טוב מטוסים חדישים נקיים מרווחים

I love that they have a lot of selection of movies and different channels. More snacks selection

Delayed boarding otherwise all was great. Had the Comfort+ seating which was decent. A bit more room than what is normal these days. Free Wifi for the whole trip was a bonus also

יתרונות: "Snacks and entertainment was good, and the flights were timely."
חסרונות: "Everything was great"
חסרונות: "I waited for over 40 minutes for someone to answer my call button. And then they just turned it off without asking me or anyone in my row if we needed something."
יתרונות: "Excellent crew."
חסרונות: "Gate agents were a little snippy."
חסרונות: "The flight was delayed by 3 hours because of storms in Atlanta earlier. This caused us to miss our connection to Fairbanks in Seattle, so we had to spend the night in Seattle at our own cost."
יתרונות: "Being on time"
חסרונות: "Nothing you guys did great thankyou so much."
יתרונות: "Wonderful hospitality, excellent service!! Clean, well thought meal service."
חסרונות: "Hoping that this will continue!!"
יתרונות: "Good services in anticipating our next leg"
חסרונות: "Seat wasn't comfortable"
חסרונות: "The inoperative TV screens should be repaired."
יתרונות: "We were in coach and the crew made us feel like it was business class!"
חסרונות: "They need to make more leg room in ALL planes"
חסרונות: "We had a delay to boarding due to a mechanical issue. THANK YOU for making quick turn around decisions (ie, put us on another plane at another gate) - rather than just piling on delays!"
חסרונות: "5 hours late!!!!!! Delta sucks"
יתרונות: "Delta crews are very friendly and helpful. Seats are 'good' on the E175 plane - better than the cramped CRJ200 on some other short flights. We boarded early, left a little early and arrived early. Nothing to complain about, except maybe a crying baby behind me, but that's not Delta's fault. :)"
יתרונות: "We actually did not fly this route. We bought a car and drove home!"
יתרונות: "Crew was so friendly and helpful!"
חסרונות: "My suitcase arrived damaged."
יתרונות: "Great service"
יתרונות: "awesome"
יתרונות: "First I don’t comment on these normally, but during our flight we had a medical emergency and the crew handled it with perfection. They kept a very calm atmosphere and handled passenger with great care and professionalism. I could not be more impressed."
חסרונות: "Better screens for in-flight movies. More legroom or upgrade options."
חסרונות: "All was good"
יתרונות: "The attention to detail from the crew, and the friendliness"
חסרונות: "Had to wait for the crew from another flight before boarding p"
יתרונות: "Overall experience"
חסרונות: "Food"
יתרונות: "Friendly crew and on time flight"
חסרונות: "N/A"
יתרונות: "Great to have movies on a domestic flight. Friendly crew."
חסרונות: "Boarding was a shambles resulting in late departure. Seems to be common in the US, but the zone system of boarding with back of the plane going on last seems counterintuitive and I can't recall it taking so long to board a flight. Also took a long time disembarking."
יתרונות: "Big bathrooms, friendly staff, free eyemaks"
יתרונות: "This was probably the best flight I’ve ever been on. The staff had a great sense of humor, as well as openly honored our military by bumping up an active member to first class."
יתרונות: "Early arrival!"
חסרונות: "Didn’t know that I didn’t have a window on the row I was on"
יתרונות: "The crew was very nice and attentative."
חסרונות: "The amount of delays causing us to miss our connection and be stuck in another city for a night before getting to our destination the next day(hopefully)."
יתרונות: "Everything was delightful on Delta’s side. Very comfortable. Great service."
חסרונות: "Why do parents with infants choose to sit in First Class. Crying babies are not appreciated when I’ve paid a lot of money for a First Class experience. The parents in the sears behind me had a child who cried & cried. It was a real spoiler for me. I enjoyed eveeeythinf about the First Class experience except that."
חסרונות: "Price to get a little more space"
יתרונות: "I really enjoyed the just a little bit larger seats, extra leg room, and the ability to watch a movie on a screen that wasn't my iphone 6 screen."
חסרונות: "It would be nice to have gluten-free snack options on the flight, since I have to be gluten-free."
חסרונות: "Landing was frightening."
יתרונות: "More seat room than expected for economy tickets. Good service, on time, polite staff"
חסרונות: "Duty free purchases not waiting for us at boarding like usual. Audio selection on entertainment was v poor"
יתרונות: "We flew a plane that had 2 row seats. I booked that for my daughter and me as well as seats ahead of an exit so we would have no one behind as. Great seats and they reclined quitea bit. We were very pleased."
יתרונות: "One of The crew members a guy from Texas was nice"
חסרונות: "The female crew Members were taking loudly and a lot during the flight it was difficult to sleep as a result. The food was low and very very bad"
חסרונות: "Smooth and easy"
יתרונות: "The flight attendant. Lovely and professional."
יתרונות: "First we had a mechanical after boarding. I was rerouted through Atlanta. That flight is now delayed by 2hours. I then had to reroute to West Palm Beach instead of Ft Lauderdale. I will leave 9 hours after my original flight time and arrive 8 hours later. Just ridiculous"
חסרונות: "See above"
יתרונות: "Wide-bodied aircraft; free on-board entertainment with a good selection; complimentary snacks, helpful staff"
חסרונות: "Waiting 45 mins for baggage to arrive on the carousel at LAX, but probably due to the terminal move currently happening and not the airline's fault."
יתרונות: "Lots of seat space even in economy, I felt very comfortable and not cramped on my flight. Food was decent and flight attendants were very attentive. My flight was kind of an outlier experience as someone on my flight fell very ill and needed immediate medical attention. The KLM employees on board did a very good job of taking care of the situation and making sure everyone else on board still had a calm flight experience."
חסרונות: "My connecting flight was scheduled too close to my landing time."
יתרונות: "Free movies/TV is a great amenity. Overhead bins were full by the time I boarded, so I gate-checked my bag. The staff was helpful and accommodating, which made that process quick and easy."
חסרונות: "Boarding is chaos. There's got to be a more efficient way than zones."
יתרונות: "Nothing"
חסרונות: "The flight was cancelled after waiting in the airport all day! I missed my conference on Thursday and Friday morning because I had to rent a car and drive! They did not seem concerned at all sbout money that was lost such as hotel, tickets for conferences and gas. All was said is the weather was bad snd we will get you out soon as we can."
יתרונות: "Seats are crowded together, nowhere to move, no storage, reclined seat is in your face for 10 hrs!"
חסרונות: "The plane, the seats the food"
יתרונות: "I like the new equipment on ATL - ABQ in first class, comfortable with good new video. Salmon dinner was quite good as well."
יתרונות: "Same as Boston to Minneapolis."
חסרונות: "Nothing."

Very recommended

Flight was delayed by 35 min

חסרונות: "Windows locked dark for whole flight in the DAYTIME going over spectacular scenery in Norway and Greenland. No eye shades given out. Totally depressing. Food very mediocre with nothing Arabic in spite of great Arab food."
חסרונות: "Let passengers look out the window in the daytime. Going over Norway and Greenland with fantastic scenery and windows are blacked out whole trip. I paid to select a window seat. Totally depressing to be in the dark all day. Windows black even when lunch served. Tasteless Western food. Would have liked something Arab. (I’m a white American)"
יתרונות: "The crew was nice and courteous. The flight went smoothly. The bathrooms were easily accessible."
חסרונות: "They barely offered water on the 11-12 hour flights. The crew was not around other than to hand out meals during the first and last few hours."
יתרונות: "Crew attentive, flight left and arrived on time"
חסרונות: "More movie and TV show options. Also foot rest would have been nice."
יתרונות: "Friendlty crew"
חסרונות: "Everything else"
חסרונות: "Didn't think of something because the flight was awesome."
חסרונות: "I hd a very large person seating next to me. He should have been made to buy 2 seats. Very uncomfortable for such a long flight."
יתרונות: "Quick boarding and on time departure and arrival."
יתרונות: "flight was fairly empty, so very comfortable seating as nearby seats were not occupied."
חסרונות: "everything was fine -- now the departure and connection to another flight was NOT NEARLY AS SMOOTH !!"
יתרונות: "food"
יתרונות: "The flight was one time for departure and arrival"
יתרונות: "nothing. there is no responsibility from voyama towards clients services"
חסרונות: "every thing"
יתרונות: "Crew exceptionally nice"
חסרונות: "Can’t turn off the screen"
יתרונות: "The flight the plane the staff on plane the food the entertainment"
חסרונות: "waiting lines to get into the gates and passport checks for departure. it was too long and mis-leading since the machines were not working eventually had to go to a manual check (not machine) and almost missed the flight. It's bad management of the Ben Gurion Airport."
חסרונות: "On counter, some workers were not nice"
יתרונות: "Had a great seat"
חסרונות: "They didn’t offer basic beverages"
חסרונות: "It is time to change the food! the food is so bad . I get the filling that they don't care' just like that!"
יתרונות: "Quick, simple flight arriving 7 minutes early."
חסרונות: "About 12-15 minutes late boarding with no explanation or announcement. Food & entertainment should NOT be rated on such a short flight."
יתרונות: "Nothing"
חסרונות: "Bad service bad attitude"
יתרונות: "The seat room, friendly staff"
חסרונות: "3 hour delay... not Jordanians fault (fog)"
יתרונות: "No thing"
חסרונות: "The staff"
חסרונות: "First, I'm not sure where the problem was - whether with AA or Royal Jordanian, but my luggage did not make it to Amman with me. In fact, there was a whole group of passengers traveling on American from different US cities, switching to RJ in Chicago, whose luggage did not come on the flight to Amman. My advice: be sure to pack enough for a couple of days in your carryon - and don't accept an offer to check your carryon to its final destination! The food was very mediocre, and not much for a flight of over 10 hours. And the movie options were limited, mostly older. The crew never came and offered water between meals - although I did discover we could go to the galley and get drinks. It would have been nice to have that option mentioned. The plane itself was nice, and seating slightly more roomy than other carriers."
חסרונות: "I actually didn't fly QR. My RJ light from TLV to AMM was delayed by approx 2 hours. I asked to be taken off the flight in order to fly the day after from TLV to LCA and take QR. However the RJ gate agents explained that there are over 40 people on the flight that need to take the QR from AMM and that the ties between RJ and QR are very strong and the QR flight will wait the necessary 15 minutes. However, as we landed in AMM we saw the QR aircraft push back 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled departure. We got stuck in AMM and the RJ people were nice but totally inefficient and claimed that they were limited by their corporate procedures. I asked to be put on an Etihad flight that was scheduled to leave 2 hours later and that would put me at the end of the day in MAA (my destination) around 2.5 hours later which was acceptable in my eyes. The transfer desk agent said he is going to arrange it, disappeared for 45 minutes and then came and told me this is already too late for Etihad (it was not) and anyway they cannot let me take Etihad since they are not a part of "One World". I argued a bit and he said ok went to teh back office and disappeared for another 20 minutes. at that point he came and told me that all is taken care of and here is my new flight and proceeded to show me an itinerary which took me through BKK to MAA but the AMM-BKK flight will leave only at 0130 at night (this was around 1430) and get to BKK in the afternoon tomorrow. Then I will have to wait in the airport another 8-9 hours to fly to MAA. hence 2 nights without sleep staying at airports. BTW, I was the only Business/first passenger but this did not confer on me any special treatment. I refused to take this route and at the end asked them only to get me back to TLV and there I will change the whole route and go tomorrow on QR from LCA. I had to wait at AMM airport until 2100 and only now - 2300 - reached home which I left at 0600 this morning. BTW, i don't think that they restored my ticket to its original form (which was a full QR ticket covering also the RJ and Pegasus flights. but I was too tired to argue. I will postpone my trip by one more day and change the route to avoid another debacle like this one. Also, I chatted with the QR people in Amman, and ithey claim that they were not told that the RJ from TLV had 40 passengers connecting through them. This is the absolute opposite of what the RJ people claimed. Last, all his is without even mentioning the issues this delay caused since I have people who came specifically for this, waiting for me in MAA and God only knows when I will manage to get there and whether or not they will wait for me. Guys, you have to do something about this. I am quite a regular flyer and this is the worst experience I had."
יתרונות: "Fast check in, Comfort seats"
יתרונות: "The flight crew was nice."
חסרונות: "Neither of my bags arrived with the flight. One bag came a day and a half later. The other bag came three days later. A little bit of inconvenience, especially since they wouldn't deliver my bags. I had to go back to the airport twice to pick up my bags that they lost."
יתרונות: "Left on time. Probably overpriced for the length of the flight. Baggage was out promptly."
יתרונות: "We left early and arrived early. Seats were more spacious than I expected for economy class. It was a short flight so there was no food service, just orange juice."
חסרונות: "When My luggage was searched at the gate of armman before fly back to Chicago, my camera was taken away by security person, he never returned to me. I only found out when I got home."
יתרונות: "All"
חסרונות: "I'll was good"
יתרונות: "It’s a 25 minute flight. It’s all good. :)"
יתרונות: "There was more leg room than I'm used to and I got to watch Lego Batman"
חסרונות: "Seats were declined during take off and landing. Kids were running around everywhere, one even jumping into my leg, and one, get this, was running around as we were landing. At no point did anyone say "hey, be a parent and keep your kids in check." The staff seemed kind of lazy and annoyed Just generally a mess of inconsiderate people and the crew not doing their job."
חסרונות: "I pre ordered a kosher meal. It was said to me that someone miscalculated and there were not enough kosher meals. I was left hungry and starved on such a long flight."
יתרונות: "Very short, only a half hour flight"
חסרונות: "nothing not to like"
יתרונות: "All new"
יתרונות: "Staff very friendly"
חסרונות: "Poor food no coffee or tea for breakfast"
חסרונות: "Extensive security. Warm plane. No charging outlets."
יתרונות: "The Dreamliner is the best plane I’ve ever boarded, it was used for this short flight."
חסרונות: "Could not check in online, had to get the boarding pass at the airport."
יתרונות: "Great service"
יתרונות: "Modern aircraft"
חסרונות: "Food is terrible Service is marginal They serve a mediocre meal right after takeoff then you don't see them again until right before landing with a dry snack"
יתרונות: "The head of crew Mr. Khatieb was very helpful when he learned that my mom has knee and back problem /surgery so he let my Mom sleep in the crew cabin last 2 hours of our flight on April 7th .2017"
חסרונות: "The check in crew in O'Hare airport (ladies) are bunch of liers .. RJ -Amman gave us 2 weeks ahead of flight oyr set seat K19 and H19 when we arrived 2.5 hr ahead of boarding they told me you have 2 saparet seats.. I told her that my Mom is sick and that I have already sets seat she told me I dont know this is what you have now then i asked for supervisor /another lier who told me that they have no seats and after waiting she gave us 2 seats by each other .. I told her my Mom had problem in her back n knee and I need 1st raw for her she said the dont have while when we boarded there was 1 empty seat in front of us whole flight ....they come from culture of friend and family comes first.. so they give and keep seats for their friend and family ...such a shame.. My Mom suffered from burning and nummbing the whole flight and arrived Amman sick .Will never choose RJ again ."
יתרונות: "The aircraft, the service"
חסרונות: "I ordered kosher meals and they arrived frozen to a degree I could not eat it. The movies did not have any subtitle options, except Arabic. They should at least have English subtitles"
יתרונות: "Good service, leaving on time"
חסרונות: "Nothing"
יתרונות: "Loved all of the kind smiling faces on all of the flight attendants"
יתרונות: "Nothing."
חסרונות: "Terrible ground staff. Constant change in flight schedules. No support on codeshares. No on ground help for canceled flights. No ability to print all the boarding passes. terrible connection options. Will avoid flying them ever again if possible."
יתרונות: "Crew cabin welcome us warmly and very polite."
חסרונות: "Food wasn't too good. Couldn't watch movie till almost landing."
יתרונות: "On time schedule."
יתרונות: "Nothing the worst airline in the world!!!"
יתרונות: "Quick and easy boarding process, nice person at check-in counter"
חסרונות: "I used the restroom in the plane before takeoff and the it was absolutely filthy. It was clear it did not receive any attention between flights. I was sitting in the emergency exit row and, during takeoff, the plane made a horrible, howling/whining noise that I've never heard before. Everyone was looking around and fearful. I fly often and this was the kind of noise when you wonder "is this where it all ends?" Not sure if it was the engine just outside or the emergency exit not being fully sealed but it was the first time in a long time that I've been fearful on a plane."

Got in early, bags came out shortly and not any major turbulence, so overall good flight with no major issues. Only minor issue was unloading, some folks up front out their bags several rows behind an held up the line . Flight attendants didn’t say anything or request they wait

Treated first rate in first class. The crew had such a happy, even jolly, demeanor that one couldn't help smiling and enjoying the experience. Thoughtful enough not to wake us for breakfast when they saw wife and i sleeping soundly after early morning departure. We would gladly fly Alaska Airlines again.

took two planes and two boarding processes to get to ABQ. should not have customers board a plane that needs repairs and have then sit on plane while repairs are made and then tell them to get off plane. we were sent to a 2nd gate to board a 2nd plane .. this took almost 4 hours . not a good experience.

אחד מהצוות היה מאוד מאוד חמוץ וחד ודוגרי מדבר בטון עצבני לא מתייחס לבקשות ממש מגעיל

Luggage was delayed for 3 weeks; Customer Support was useless and hopeless; waited on the phone for hours to speak to an Agent in India; terrible service.

Missed our connection due to delayed. Ended up with a replacement flight with connections getting us in really late and annoying..

No problems.

Keep up the good work.

pretzels are not “food”

So smooth and comfortable. Crew was professional and courteous.. We landed way ahead of schedule! A great quick flight! Thank you American Airlines!!

חסרונות: "Flight was delayed almost an hour. Being that it doesn't arrive in ABQ until almost midnight, a 52 minute delay means I don't get home until almost 2 in the morning. Seats also seem to be kind of narrow on the 737-800. I'm not a big guy, but I am still bumping shoulders through out the flight."
יתרונות: "The Flight Attendant was excellent. Genuine smile, attentive, and pleasant."
יתרונות: "Getting to my destination"
חסרונות: "Having air conditioning on an aircraft on a hot summer day is critical. Especially on a 2 hours delay on the tarmac!"
יתרונות: "Good flight. 3 hour duration at night. I flew in first class, as the extension of my business class flight from Paris."
חסרונות: "Had to use a wheelchair service in terminals. Me and another victim were wheeled to 40 feet from the check in desk and the guy took off without further instruction. I hobbled to the counter to make sure we were on the pre-board list. Defeats the purpose, but whatever....."
חסרונות: "I paid extra for an emergency exit seat. The seats in the row were visibly different from ones nearby -- the seat padding was gone (felt like I was sitting on a board) and the seat bottoms slanted down producing a feeling of sliding out of the seat."
חסרונות: "Flight could have been on time"
חסרונות: "Es on flight 5799 which was delayed over four hours and finally cancelled. Delay without explanation but did not appear to be weather related. Cancelled because no crew available. Put on another flight that was to leave st 10:45, but delayed due to weight restrictions without luggage."
חסרונות: "Despite inbound flight - with the same airline - coming in 6 minutes early the connecting flight was closed when arriving at the gate. Rebooked on next flight some 3 hours later."
חסרונות: "Having to pay AGAIN for a seat choice. AND IBWAS MADE TO CHECK MY XARRY-ON BAG ALL THE WAY THRU TO ROME! WHY. WHY couldn't it only be checked to Philadelphia.?. That has taken place on other flights. Should not require checking a carry-on all the way thru on an international flight."
חסרונות: "21/2 delay....no explanariin. But flight attendants did not show up until 9:15 and yet plane had been on the ground since 8:30. Seems poor planning on airline’s part"
יתרונות: "Flight was delayed by approximately 90 minutes. Attendant was friendly."
יתרונות: "The crew was good"
חסרונות: "Paid $330.00 +/- for a one way ticket. Some how i messed up on the date and had it for 8/3/18 instead of 8/2/18. Had to pay an additional $500 + for the change. I understand that the fault didn't lie with AA, however, the rate for changing the ticket borders on the ridiculous. I have to travel quite a bit as of late for work, I am doing all i can to Avoid using American. There were others on the flight that paid for first class that didn't pay as much as me and i was stuck in boarding group 6. It really feels as though American is only in it for the dollars, not the customer service."
חסרונות: "Flight delayed due to weather issues then compounded by crew issues. Would have been tolerable if they had been upfront about it instead of doing the one hour delay, then another hour, then another hour ad nauseum. More than 3 hours total."
יתרונות: "The plane had really soft, puffy, comfy headrests. These were the best headrests I've ever encountered on any flight. I wish these were on every plane."
חסרונות: "1. Departure gate gets inexplicably moved to an entirely different concourse. 2. Gate agent offers to check bags through to destination, then when I go up, offers to gate-tag my bag. Why did you say you could check the bags through, then? 3. The long, ridiculous AA boarding process consisting of 9 groups and 2 short lanes, taking about 20 minutes to get 30 people outside. 4. 30 people wander around outside on the tarmac, trying to find a sign for Albuquerque. 5. BAGGAGE HANDLERS tell some of the passengers that the planes have been switched, and we should now board the plane marked Flagstaff. 6. Gate agents come outside, receive information from -- again -- BAGGAGE HANDLERS -- and then tell everyone to go back inside. 7. Once inside, gate agents tell passengers they have no idea what is going on, where they will be departing from, or when. 8. Gate agents tell passengers to go through the (long, ridiculous) boarding process a second time, and get on the second plane on the left. 9. A couple of PASSENGERS remind the gate agent that the baggage handlers specifically said that plane was not going to Albuquerque. 10. Gate agents change their minds, and tell passengers to get on a different plane. 11. We finally get on the damn plane."
יתרונות: "Great staff and crew. Keep you posted and informed. Good service."
יתרונות: "First class is always comfortable"
חסרונות: "Headline tells it all. First thing passenger did when he sat down was hand flight attendant a$5 bill, which she accepted she made sure he and the others in row one were served preboard refreshment. The rest of us not, as she was so engaged with the favored passenger. Not good!"
יתרונות: "Awesome roomy seat right behind business class. Could not have asked for better! And it was a gorgeous new aircraft."
יתרונות: "IFE very good"
חסרונות: "No legroom"
יתרונות: "Thankful for the pilot... He got us to Charlotte alive."
חסרונות: "Sitting on the plane for two hours prior to take off. Also, I'm not a fan of being bribed into credit cards, and the whole class system... Everyone is a human passenger"
חסרונות: "The flight was five hours late leaving Phoenix due to not having a crew"
חסרונות: "Very crowded, rude passengers"
יתרונות: "Nothing"
חסרונות: "AA claimed the overhead storage was full and took my carry-on. Except I walked by at least 15 spots that easily would have fit my bag. They made us pay $50 to check-in luggage, but then didn't bother to put the bags on our flight. They also tried to charge us twice for the privilege of checking bags. They had no flights that would get us home on the same day, then claimed that since 12 hours had elapsed, we had to repay to check bags. During the flight, they had non stop commercials for their credit card. Ugh"
יתרונות: "Everything."
חסרונות: "No problems."
חסרונות: "Airbus seems to have completely minimalized all legroom for persons over 6 feet."
יתרונות: "Food was okay. Luckily plenty of wine to get through 8 hours on this horrible plane."
חסרונות: "No individual video screens. Also our audio did not work ( true of most of one side of plane) so we could not even watch movie on the TINY overhead screen. Reading lights also did not work. We had no options to pass the time for an eight hour flight. The crew was unconcerned about the problem. They seemed grumpy!! This plane should not be used for long haul flights."
יתרונות: "Uncertain why there are 9 boarding groups, seems to be excessive/confusing."
יתרונות: "It was a short trip, LA to Albuquerque. Flight attendants were nice, plane was clean, and I was comfortable enough to sleep all 2 hours"
יתרונות: "I like the food."
חסרונות: "Japanese shows without eng subs."
חסרונות: "Cramped seating, uncomfortable cabin temperature, very hard/jolting landing"
חסרונות: "Flight path at the end had to many turns kinda made me sick"
חסרונות: "I wish they have two sheets. I don't like to sit next to stranger. And hard to go to bathroom"
יתרונות: "Friendly crew"
חסרונות: "Zero entertainment. Flight sat on tarmac as they tried to fix some technical issues after taxiing"
חסרונות: "Prices are high and changes are frequent on rates"
יתרונות: "Flight got cancelled"
יתרונות: "It he seats were very comfortable There was enough leg space Crew was excellent The timing was good"
חסרונות: "Lots of turbulence."
יתרונות: "Flight was on time."
חסרונות: "Seats are uncomfortable, too narrow, and little leg room."
יתרונות: "Friendly crew."
יתרונות: "Had row all to myself--that's a rarity"
חסרונות: "1hr departure delay"
יתרונות: "Electrical outlets. Comfortable seats."
חסרונות: "Changed the time of the flight affecting our plans why we did buy this route. Couldn't check in online"

London airport is horrible and the most rude people I've encountered at an airport. Truly sad

Overall everything was smooth and pleasant

Canceled my trip never flew. They were rude and uninformed. Caused me grief wanting another covid test even though I had one plus I am vaccinated. No excuse. They should have had a test station by their ticketing counter. Had to hunt for transportation which was very difficult since it was 10 pm. Rented car for 350 to get home. I would think twice before booking through Kayak and with BA. kayak should have had more assistance and not just sell the ticket. Both receive an F .

חסרונות: "The pancake was not cooked enough couldn’t eat it"
חסרונות: "Boarding process.."
יתרונות: "Flight was not full, so despite a sub-par Business Class product the flight was very pleasant with empty seats all around"
חסרונות: "On line check-in/seat selection was a disaster"
יתרונות: "The flight was relatively on time and the crew was nice"
חסרונות: "The food was not the British Airways high quality"
יתרונות: "great crew great seats great entertainment great pilots great food and the greatest airline in the world"
חסרונות: "free wifi"
יתרונות: "-"
חסרונות: "Entertainment didn’t work, big delay broken seat"
יתרונות: "Great !"
חסרונות: "Kosher meal a bit hard to open"
חסרונות: "The entertainment system wasnt working on the first flight, and had poor content on the second flight."
יתרונות: "Nothing particularly"
חסרונות: "Food was awful"
יתרונות: "Nothing. Flight attendant throws the tray of food all over me. Never apologize Worst flight ever I'm a Gold Frequent Flyer. No more!!! Good Bye British Airways Hello Cathay Pacific!"
יתרונות: "we buy the tickets from kayak and reconfirmed with British Airways is that we allowed to have one suitcase of 23 kilo checked in for each person . would get to their products and we paid 180 US dollars for the read suitcases we have . I didn’t mention kayak to give me the 180 us dollar back"
חסרונות: "we buy the tickets from kayak and reconfirmed with British Airways is that we allowed to have one suitcase of 23 kilo checked in for each person . would get to their products and we paid 180 US dollars for the read suitcases we have . I didn’t mention kayak to give me the 180 us dollar back"
יתרונות: "The attitude of crew long ques for toilet"
חסרונות: "Long queues for toilet"
יתרונות: "The crew was kind and professional, cosy seats with enough place for the legs... Good content in entertainment system."
יתרונות: "Flavor was fine"
חסרונות: "Out of 6 special vegetarian meals provided on 4 recent flights, all were pasta. One main meal of pasta even had A SIDE of pasta salad."
חסרונות: "the food"
יתרונות: "Not much. Even magazines were not available for 2 last raws."
חסרונות: "Even magazines were not available for 2 last raws"
יתרונות: "Service, clean restroom, courtesy of crew members"
יתרונות: "Service"
חסרונות: "None"
יתרונות: "Nothing really was good or stood out in a positive way."
חסרונות: "Horrible lie flat seats with absolutely no stowage room. Seats are super cramped with 8 in a row you feel like being transported in a cattle car. Crew was most decidedly unfriendly. We were boarded on time despite the fact BA knew the flight was delayed and sat at the gate for an hour. Food was equivalent to hospital food. U must be crazy to fly business in BA. Never again."
חסרונות: "No breakfast on out bound leg"
חסרונות: "Don’t do it!! Totally disorganized airline with uncomfortable seats."
יתרונות: "The crew were very helpful"
יתרונות: "My upgrade."
חסרונות: "That I needed to be searched again before boarding the plane. The long layover."
יתרונות: "On time"
חסרונות: "Paid for bulkhead seat and was not given a bulkhead seat."
יתרונות: "Good and crew were fine"
חסרונות: "Seats were too close, not comfortable"
חסרונות: "the flight delayed a lot and i missed my connection flight as a result"
יתרונות: "World Traveler Plus on BA is not as good as premium economy on other airlines."
חסרונות: "Check in. Too many people checking in and too few BA employees to handle crowd. Severely understaffed."
יתרונות: "Most things"
חסרונות: "The airplane was shaking all the flight"
יתרונות: "The new flight procedures informational film at the beginning of the flight (BA/Comic Relief)"
חסרונות: "The flight was to Heathrow which was not prepared to accept us at all. We waited 45 minutes in passport control. I expect BA to make sure the port of destination is prepared to receive its passengers"
חסרונות: "I booked a regular flight and at the end the system or dont know how, booked me PLUS ECONOMY, when I wanted to change my ticket date, it was so expensive and almost no dates were available. Also, you didnt give me chance to downgrade in order to change the dates more easily. I always fly through BA and I love the easy it is to change dates, but this time you disappointed me. I usualy choose BA because its easy and non expensive to change dates in my flight but now I may be open to book with other airlines."
יתרונות: "The flight was smooth from boarding to landing early at Heathrow."
חסרונות: "It was a fully booked flight, which means the person next to you tends to overflow into your seat"
חסרונות: "I paid 100$ because I had to cancel my request. It was a technical error of your reservation system which unexpectedly changed my return from the 5th of November to the 6th of November. The fine was unfair and you're required to refund me."
יתרונות: "The staff were some of the friendliest I have encountered in recent traveling experiences. They were very attentive to every passenger."
חסרונות: "We only paid for economy seats, and unfortunately, it's hard to expect much more than what we got. The friendly service made up for the lack of comfort these seats provide."
יתרונות: "Upgraded to world traveler plus was way more comfortable. The flight crew were so so nice and helpful. I am handicapped and they just couldn't do enough to make me comfortable."
חסרונות: "They the seats I reserved months ago were changed."
יתרונות: "Once the flight was boarding/ boarded it was seamless. The crew were more than happy to meet or exceed your needs with snacks/ meals, blankets and even drinks."
חסרונות: "Flight was delayed 1hr and 50min and the supervisor was less than accommodating even after my wife and I had told her we had 2more connecting flights this was going to affect. Due to the delay, we spent an additional $211 on flights and spent the night at the airport."
יתרונות: "I loved the on-demand entertainment which starts as soon as you board the plane and continues all the way into landing / taxing to the gate."
חסרונות: "The system would not allow me to check-in / get my boarding passes 24 hrs prior to barding, which basically left me with a middle seat all the way to Seattle. I considered this a terrible process and didn't get a good explanation why I was blocked from doing my check-in online."
חסרונות: "No food selection. No vegan meal that i ordered for my daughter."
יתרונות: "Most everything"
חסרונות: "Seat choice"
חסרונות: "BA cancelled the flight, did not reroute us, provided a phone number for tel aviv (closed for the weekend). Terrible customer service. And our ticket was bought thru vayama who also did not bother to help us. Bad bad customer service for BA."
יתרונות: "entertainment"
חסרונות: "boarding with bus instead of sleeve"
יתרונות: "Great service and helpful staff Coffee was fresh filter coffee"
יתרונות: "Security staff was rude in England and our suitcases was lost And they did not even let us know"
יתרונות: "The crew was very efficient"
חסרונות: "The was really bad."
חסרונות: "I received no information from British Airways! Luckily someone saw that all flights on BA had been canceled. This is the second time this has happened with British Airways. They have zero customer service and terrible communication."
יתרונות: "The cabin crew, as always, were unfailingly helpful and polite. We paid extra for exit row seats, which were wonderful for my 6'6" husband's long legs."
חסרונות: "The food wasn't really edible, but the flight was only 5 hours long, so it wasn't a great issue."
חסרונות: "For some reason British Airways has a bug in its computers and does not allow me to check in on line. This is not the first time."

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37 ש' ו-20 ד'TLV-ABQ
2 עצירותבריטיש איירווייז
23 ש' ו-03 ד'ABQ-TLV
2 עצירותרויאל ג'ורדניאן
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2 עצירותרויאל ג'ורדניאן
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2 עצירותAmerican Airlines
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2 עצירותחברות תעופה מרובות
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2 עצירותחברות תעופה מרובות
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3 עצירותחברות תעופה מרובות
23 ש' ו-16 ד'ABQ-TLV
עצירה 1יונייטד איירליינס
22 ש' ו-45 ד'TLV-ABQ
עצירה 1יונייטד איירליינס
19 ש' ו-02 ד'ABQ-TLV
2 עצירותAmerican Airlines
29 ש' ו-00 ד'TLV-ABQ
2 עצירותAmerican Airlines
18 ש' ו-06 ד'ABQ-TLV
2 עצירותיונייטד איירליינס
29 ש' ו-38 ד'TLV-ABQ
עצירה 1יונייטד איירליינס
19 ש' ו-02 ד'ABQ-TLV
2 עצירותחברות תעופה מרובות
47 ש' ו-26 ד'TLV-ABQ
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19 ש' ו-02 ד'ABQ-TLV
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31 ש' ו-06 ד'TLV-ABQ
2 עצירותחברות תעופה מרובות
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29 ש' ו-04 ד'ABQ-TLV
3 עצירותאייר קנדה
24 ש' ו-02 ד'TLV-ABQ
3 עצירותאייר קנדה
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2 עצירותEmirates
36 ש' ו-01 ד'TLV-ABQ
3 עצירותEmirates
57 ש' ו-14 ד'ABQ-TLV
עצירה 1יונייטד איירליינס
20 ש' ו-19 ד'TLV-ABQ
2 עצירותיונייטד איירליינס
24 ש' ו-05 ד'ABQ-TLV
עצירה 1חברות תעופה מרובות
24 ש' ו-41 ד'TLV-ABQ
עצירה 1חברות תעופה מרובות
31 ש' ו-29 ד'ABQ-TLV
2 עצירותחברות תעופה מרובות
43 ש' ו-26 ד'TLV-ABQ
עצירה 1חברות תעופה מרובות
19 ש' ו-02 ד'ABQ-TLV
עצירה 1יונייטד איירליינס
20 ש' ו-19 ד'TLV-ABQ
עצירה 1יונייטד איירליינס
21 ש' ו-55 ד'ABQ-TLV
עצירה 1יונייטד איירליינס
22 ש' ו-45 ד'TLV-ABQ
עצירה 1יונייטד איירליינס
19 ש' ו-02 ד'ABQ-TLV

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3 עצירותחברות תעופה מרובות
36 ש' ו-07 ד'TLV-ABQ
3 עצירותחברות תעופה מרובות
43 ש' ו-47 ד'TLV-ABQ
2 עצירותיונייטד איירליינס
24 ש' ו-02 ד'TLV-ABQ
עצירה 1חברות תעופה מרובות
21 ש' ו-26 ד'TLV-ABQ
עצירה 1חברות תעופה מרובות
30 ש' ו-56 ד'TLV-ABQ
2 עצירותיונייטד איירליינס
21 ש' ו-19 ד'TLV-ABQ

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ללא עצירהAlaska Airlines
2 ש' ו-55 ד'SEA-ABQ
ללא עצירהAlaska Airlines
3 ש' ו-10 ד'ABQ-SEA
ללא עצירהAlaska Airlines
2 ש' ו-50 ד'SEA-ABQ
ללא עצירהAlaska Airlines
3 ש' ו-22 ד'ABQ-SEA
ללא עצירהדלתא איירליינס
1 ש' ו-59 ד'LAX-ABQ
ללא עצירהדלתא איירליינס
2 ש' ו-12 ד'ABQ-LAX
ללא עצירהAlaska Airlines
2 ש' ו-55 ד'SEA-ABQ
ללא עצירהAlaska Airlines
3 ש' ו-24 ד'ABQ-SEA
עצירה 1יונייטד איירליינס
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עצירה 1יונייטד איירליינס
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