Hiep Hoa Resort

80 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Str., פאן טיאט, וייטנאם
+84 252 384 7262

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מבוסס על 251 חוות דעת
Hiep Hoa Resort - פאן טיאט, וייטנאם
23.07 יום ו׳
24.07 שבת
בצע השוואה מול KAYAK |

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11.3 km

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הו צ'י מין סיטי

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170.1 km

חדרים פנויים בHiep Hoa Resort

23.07 יום ו׳
24.07 שבת
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  • גרוע
    נוב׳ 2017


    We stayed here thinking that it would be a nice change from private hostel rooms. However we regret that choice - This place is loud! You can hear everything. The people upstairs, the people beside you and the plumbing all make sounds throughout the night. **One morning at 6 a.m. we woke up to screaming and yelling of a group of people in the pool. I called the front desk to ask them politely if they could ask those guests to keep the noise down a bit because it was early and we wanted to get a little more sleep. However, the man on the phone didn't care and said "I disagree" and hung up on me. - They need to fix the plumbing in the rooms. We woke up several times throughout the night from the gargling sound coming for the pipes. We would have to run our sink tap for a minute to get it to stop. The gargling also brought unpleasant smells of sewage throughout the room. - The bed is pretty much a plank of wood, with pillows thinner than what airlines provide. I've slept on some hard beds in Asia, but this was extremely hard. You're also supplied with a thin sheet, that's about it. - The power at this resort went out every day and night and surged alot. We spent many nights with no air-conditioning and when I asked when it would be fixed the employee didn't know what I was talking about. - No breakfast included. Other people got breakfast but we never even got offered the choice. - Check-in was horrible, no information about the activities, city, WiFi, or even what the place offered. The staff was very rude and uninterested in us staying there. - Yes, they have lounging chairs, but they don't have any cushion and most of them are broken. - We didn't come to Asia to watch TV, but the room only had an old TV from the 90s. - There was no WiFi between the power outages and the WiFi actually being turned on. We never really had access to WiFi durring our stay. - It's in a good location for restaurants, but the buildings beside are deserted and crumbling. - The rooms are ugly and very dated. - The washroom needs an upgrade. The shower is awkward and there is no fan to get the steam out of the room. Overall this was a disopointment and I would not recommend. There is hostels that even provide better service than this place.

לא נמצאו חוות דעת. נסה להסיר מסנן, לשנות את החיפוש או לנקות הכל ‏כדי לקבל תצוגה של חוות דעת.

אודות Hiep Hoa Resort

8.5 מצוין

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חנות בישום וטיפוח (Body soap)
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בקבוק מים
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חוף פרטי
שולחן אוכל
חדר רחצה פרטי
מקלחת פתוחה
דלפק קבלה 24 שעות ביממה
איזור ייעודי לעישון
כניסה פרטית
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Hiep Hoa Resort - פאן טיאט - נוף חיצוני
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Hiep Hoa Resort - פאן טיאט - נוף חיצוני
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נקודות הציון הפופולריות ביותר

  • Tropical Minigolf3.2 ק"מ
  • Bai Da Ong Dia Beach3.3 ק"מ
  • Ham Tien Market3.7 ק"מ
  • Fairy Stream5.3 ק"מ
  • Poshanu Cham Tower7.2 ק"מ

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0.11 ק"מ

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9 מצוין (170 חוות דעת)
0.06 ק"מ
8.4 מצוין (338 חוות דעת)
0.11 ק"מ
7.7 טוב (8 חוות דעת)
0.06 ק"מ

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0.06 ק"מ
8.4 מצוין (338 חוות דעת)
0.11 ק"מ
8.3 מצוין (473 חוות דעת)
0.11 ק"מ