Casa Condado Hotel

60 Condado Avenue, סן חואן 907, פורטו ריקו
+1 787 200 8482

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מבוסס על 188 חוות דעת
Casa Condado Hotel - סן חואן, פורטו ריקו
03.08 יום ג׳
04.08 יום ד׳
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Vrbo ₪187

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03.08 יום ג׳
04.08 יום ד׳
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  • בינוני
    ינו׳ 2018


    I stay in this hotel one night every 2 months this ithis is the second time they lost power during my stay once before the storm and now 5 mo after please close if you don't have a generator the stay was horrible

  • בסדר
    אפר׳ 2017

    Good value, bit of a catfish

    The rooms did not live up to what was shown in the pictures. It was a let down.

  • מצוין
    נוב׳ 2016

    I liked the way the staff treated us. They were very attentive and courteous.

  • בינוני
    יולי 2016

    Stay at your own risk! Prepare for cold showers or

    I loved most of the staff.... The fresh ceviche was AMAZING! The bartenders downstairs of the hotel were the sweetest young ladies. We enjoyed hanging out with them. The location of the hotel was great. For the price, the room itself could have been a bit better but it was ok since I was only there a weekend (Thank God)

    ...except for the manager! She was not the best at all. Ugh. There was no hot water in the room for days! Then a few guest were complaining they had NO WATER for the entire day and couldn't even flush the toilet! It was so gross! Glad I was not that bad off! The times you did get hot water, you had to "jimmy rigg it" with the facet so the hot water in the shower could work! There was no place to hang your clothes either! ugh! I know my experience wasn't as bad as the guests that had no water at all but I seriously couldn't stand the cold showers! I caution anyone to stay here at your own risk!!

  • טוב
    ספט׳ 2015

    We had a comfortable stay.

    The outdoor lounge area on the second floor is a nice place to relax or just fetch some ice from the icebox. Also, the front desk staffer allowed us to leave our bags with him after we checked out at noon but weren't quite ready to leave for airport.

    We stayed three nights but our room wasn't cleaned on our last night.

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7.4 טוב

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