Weekly In Hinode

Weekly In Hinode

1-3-6 Taishi, אוסקה 557-0002, יפן
+81 666 476 715

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Weekly In Hinode
ה' 21.10
ו' 22.10
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ה' 21.10
ו' 22.10
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6.0 בסדר
יתרונות:I like that the hotel staff was sometimes kind. I arrived pretty late, around 11 PM, and there was still a receptionist there to check me in. Also, they helped me get a replacement key when I lost my room key in the middle of my stay. Moreover, when I was in the lobby for an important interview, they honored my request to quiet down so I could focus on the interview. In addition, when I hung out in the lobby, they bought me a bottle of water. Furthermore, I like that they have Wi-fi and some power outlets in the lobby. It was very helpful, especially since I had some screen-share interviews during my stay.

חסרונות:I made 2 reasonable requests that the hotel staff refused to honor. First, in the middle of my stay, I decided to extend my stay by 1 night. I requested to keep my room and be allowed to stay there continuously. However, the hotel staff required me to check out in the morning and check back in later in the day. My other request: when I checked out on my last day in Osaka, I requested to leave my luggage in the hotel while I explored the area in the middle of the day, and then pick up my luggage that evening when I left for another city. They refused to let me leave my luggage there, so I had to carry it around the Kansai area all day (which was a big inconvenience). At other places I've stayed, the staff honored similar requests with no hesitation. The hotel staff not only can't speak English very well, they don't have Google Translate on their phone. Also, I don't like the check-out time of strictly 9:00 AM, which is pretty early compared with other places I've stayed in the past. In addition, the place looks dirty and run-down, and the bathrooms have no soap. I was scared to drink the tap water, or even use it when brushing my teeth. Another oddity: the elevator only goes to every other floor in a 7-floor building.

1 מתוך 1


1-3-6 Taishi, Osaka 557-0002

מה בסביבה

  • Tennōji Zoo0.4 ק"מ
  • Tsutenkaku0.5 ק"מ
  • Shitennō-ji1.3 ק"מ
  • Sumiyoshi Taisha4.1 ק"מ
  • Osaka Rekishi Hakubutsukan4.1 ק"מ
  • Osaka-shi Chuo Oroshiuri Shijo4.7 ק"מ
  • Osaka-jo4.8 ק"מ
  • Osaka-shiritsu Kagakukan4.9 ק"מ
  • Nakanoshima Koen4.9 ק"מ
  • National Museum of Art5 ק"מ
  • Osaka-shiritsu Toyo Toji Bijutsukan5 ק"מ
  • Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Arcade5.5 ק"מ


צ'ק אין / צ'ק-אאוט

צ'ק-אין בכל עת אחרי 04:00, צ'ק אאוט בכל עת לפני 09:00

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  • Weekly In Hinode ממוקם ב 1-3-6 Taishi ב Nishinari, 2.6 ק"מ ממרכז אוסקה. Tennōji Zoo - נקודת הציון הקרובה ביותר לWeekly In Hinode.

  • בWeekly In Hinode זמן הצ'ק-אין הוא 04:00 וזמן הצ'ק-אאוט הוא 09:00.

  • לא, בWeekly In Hinode לא מציעים גישה חינם ל- Wi-Fi.

  • לא, בWeekly In Hinode לא מציעים חניה חינם.

  • לא, בWeekly In Hinode לא מציעים שירות הסעות חינם ל/משדה התעופה.

  • Weekly In Hinode נמצא במרחק של 16.4 ק"מ מנמל התעופה הבינלאומי באוסקה.

  • כן, Weekly In Hinode הוא מלון ידידותי לחיות מחמד.

  • לא, בWeekly In Hinode אין בריכה במקום.

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