Breckinridge Inn

2800 Breckenridge Lane, לואיסוויל, KY 40220, ארצות הברית
+1 502 456 5050

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מבוסס על 1,542 חוות דעת
Breckinridge Inn - לואיסוויל, KY, ארצות הברית
26.07 יום ב׳
27.07 יום ג׳
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10.8 km

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10.5 km

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26.07 יום ב׳
27.07 יום ג׳

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Double bed
Double bed
Double bed
Double bed
לא ידוע

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King bed
לא ידוע
לא ידוע
לא ידוע
King bed
King bed
לא ידוע
King bed
King bed

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סך הכל עבור האירוח + מיסים ועמלות
לא ידוע
Double bed

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  • טוב
    דצמ׳ 2019

    Overall good value

    I did see one coach roach other than that a really good visit except the life guard was being rude trying to close the pool up early and just being rude

  • טוב
    יולי 2018

    Ok hotel

    Clean rooms

    Super hot hallways. Only one washing machine

  • טוב
    אפר׳ 2018

    A little dated, but has an aire of sophistication

    Location was close to the freeway and 10-15 minute drive from downtown. It's a stately looking building. Felt like it was located in a safe area. Although the building was older it appears they do what they can to keep it updated. They were in the process of painting some of their interior, which created unpleasant odors but nothing that was problematic to our room location. The room was irregular in shape compared to most hotels and the furniture arrangement somewhat illogical, but that did not affect the quality of the facilities or the stay.

    Continental breakfast did not include oatmeal, yogurt, or waffles, and by the time we got there the fresh fruit was gone. Really, it just wasn't consistent with breakfasts at other hotels we stayed at. On top of it they were advertising for tips for their breakfast staff. Really! They can't just pay their workers a decent wage, they need to advertise for tips? I'm not talking about tipping room service here: breakfast!

  • בינוני
    יולי 2017

    Don't waste your money

    The employees scene like they we're doing the best I could considering what they had to work with. They were nice people

    They don't air condition their Halls so the Halls outside the rooms was an oven including the elevator. The room had leftover items from previous stays of other guests so they obviously don't clean very well. Very run down and dated. So much so are key lock on our door broke. So we had to stand in the hall while they opened our room in the hundred degree hallway. Nilsa say we needed a shower. Never again. We bid our tongues and we're nice about it I will never go back

  • טוב
    פבר׳ 2017

    There are steps in the hallways to the rooms.

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אודות Breckinridge Inn

8.2 מצוין

מבוסס על 1,542 חוות דעת










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2.04 ק"מ
9.3 מצוין (268 חוות דעת)
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