Mini Hotel Central

38 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong, הונג קונג
+852 2103 0999

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Mini Hotel Central - Hong Kong, הונג קונג
30.07 יום ו׳
31.07 שבת
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5.3 km

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Hong Kong נמל התעופה הבינלאומי של הונג קונג

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24.6 km

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30.07 יום ו׳
31.07 שבת

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  • מצוין
    אפר׳ 2019

    Location and staff


  • בינוני
    נוב׳ 2017

    Very small no taxi service if you have a big luggage you will have to go down the stairs with luggage to metro station

  • מצוין
    אפר׳ 2015

    Amazing location!

    Can't beat the location and value, Room was clean and the staff was friendly... overall a great experience! Would definitely return. The trick is to show up low expectations and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. If you're used to staying at the W, then this hotel is not for you.

    Whoever complains about how small the rooms should not be considered a valid complaint, MINI is in the name of the hotel! Just know that it's perfect for the short stay solo traveler. The only things to note is that maneuvering the shower can be challenging (may have just been specific to my room) and that the bed is very firm. Can hear street noise as with any downtown hotel, but nothing unbearable as long as you're not a light sleeper.

  • טוב
    ספט׳ 2014

    Sadly, apart from the excellent location (very good and Central) and really polite / helpful staff - there wasn't much to like. Rooms are basic (but perhaps about right on the value for money front) while lobby, Wi-Fi is very good

    The hotel seems to have very poor ventilation & severe humidity issues which requires that air-conditioning is kept on most of the time (even when not in room to prevent condensation). Additionally, sound proofing is very poor and you can hear even the softest of conversations, TV/Audio from adjoining rooms. While room was clean, corridor carpets were stained and dirty. The hotel is also undergoing some kind of repair and upgrade, so I can only hope they get it right soon. Overall, a very uncomfortable two night's sleep.

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7.3 טוב

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