Singapore Motel - Wildwood Crest

Singapore Motel - Wildwood Crest

515 East Orchid Road, ווילווד קרסט, NJ 08260, ארצות הברית
+1 609 522 6961
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Singapore Motel - Wildwood Crest
ו' 24.09
ש' 25.09

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ו' 24.09
ש' 25.09
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King Rooms(₪580)
King room
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לא צוין סוג מיטה ספציפי


סה"כ ₪580Priceline
לא צוין סוג מיטה ספציפי
לא צוין סוג מיטה ספציפי


סה"כ ₪580KAYAK

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  • Wi-Fi חינם
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6.0 בסדר

חסרונות:No coffee machine in Room

6.0 בסדר
יתרונות:The location was great with a quick walk to the beach as advertised. There were always plenty of parking spots available at all times, day and night. The pool was great. It was a decent size and nice and warm!

חסרונות:For some reason the room my friend and I stayed in for two days constantly had flies in it (to the point we actually had to buy fly swatters). Not sure what this was about, whether they got in as the room was being cleaned or if they were getting in around the hole by the window in the bathroom, but either way definitely wasn't pleasant.

4.8 בינוני
יתרונות:It was near the beach but since we were just staying the night (and we didn't even stay the night because of the uncleanliness, we elected to drive home instead). If you're a kid at post prom this is the place for you.

חסרונות:It's a wildwood motel during prom week, so what do you expect. Kids and people partying all through the night, and honestly that's to be expected so no harm no foul. Over priced for the quality of service. The problem I had with the room was that the towels seemed like they had never been washed, ever. I have pictures of brown, caked-on material on one of them, can only venture to guess what that was. There were holes punctured in the in the bathroom door, the deadbolt to the front door didn't work with the key I was given, the shower head was breaking out of the drywall and as mentioned before, all the towels felt like they had not been washed, in fact seemed freshly used by someone else. Gross. Parking was difficult at 1am, and since they don't have round the clock staff (I think it's just one caretaker) we were met with scathing words when we rang the lobby bell to ask for assistance. I'm sorry that we woke you up but, come on.

5.7 סביר
יתרונות:Older hotel, needs repairs, had to request coffee maker , was supposed to be in the room, then had to go get it.
3.1 גרוע
יתרונות:Easy access to the beach

חסרונות:Roof leaked Needs to be updated Stained towels Pillows did not have pillow cases on them and the pillows were brown Stains everywhere Worst place I have ever stayed

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515 East Orchid Road, Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260

מה בסביבה

  • Cape May National Wildlife Refuge2.1 ק"מ
  • Wildwood Convention Center2.2 ק"מ
  • Boardwalk Chapel2.3 ק"מ
  • Wildwood Beach2.4 ק"מ
  • Wildwood Historical Society2.7 ק"מ
  • Wildwood Boardwalk2.7 ק"מ


צ'ק אין / צ'ק-אאוט

צ'ק-אין בכל עת אחרי 16:00, צ'ק אאוט בכל עת לפני 10:00

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מדיניות הביטולים/תשלום מראש משתנה לפי סוג החדר והספק.

שאלות נפוצות למזמינים בSingapore Motel - Wildwood Crest

  • Singapore Motel - Wildwood Crest ממוקם בכתובת 515 East Orchid Road, 0.7 ק"מ ממרכז העיר ווילווד קרסט. Cape May National Wildlife Refuge - נקודת הציון הקרובה ביותר לSingapore Motel - Wildwood Crest.

  • בSingapore Motel - Wildwood Crest זמן הצ'ק-אין הוא 16:00 וזמן הצ'ק-אאוט הוא 10:00.

  • כן, בSingapore Motel - Wildwood Crest ישנה גישה חינם ל- Wi-Fi.

  • לא, בSingapore Motel - Wildwood Crest לא מציעים חניה חינם.

  • לא, בSingapore Motel - Wildwood Crest לא מציעים שירות הסעות חינם ל/משדה התעופה.

  • Singapore Motel - Wildwood Crest נמצא במרחק של 58.7 ק"מ מאטלנטיק סיטי. Singapore Motel - Wildwood Crest נמצא במרחק של 91.1 ק"מ מסאליסברי נמל התעופה האזורי וויקומיקו.

  • לא, בSingapore Motel - Wildwood Crest אין בריכה במקום.

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