Sokha Angkor Resort

National Road No 6 & Sivatha Street Junction, סיאם ריפ, קמבודיה
+855 6396 9999

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מבוסס על 283 חוות דעת
Sokha Angkor Resort - סיאם ריפ, קמבודיה
30.07 יום ו׳
31.07 שבת
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סיאם ריפ

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30.07 יום ו׳
31.07 שבת

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  • טוב
    ינו׳ 2019

    Quiet environment. Nice pool for children.

    Restaurants in the hotel are not so attractive. Pool usage for one afternoon was restricted due to some private event with very short notice.

  • מצוין
    אוג׳ 2016

    Great stay, but needs more cleaning

    Great hotel with beautiful grounds. Very well located in city. Pool is amazing. Staff is very helpful and attentive.

    This is Could be a 5 star property, but it need a good cleaning. The bathtub in my room was heavily stained and discolored. The floor looked as though it could use a good scrubbing. The concierge service is terrible. I paid for a full day (8 hour tour) with a guide and driver. I was brought back to the hotel 3.5 hours later... When I told them that they only provided me with a half day tour, they giggled. I would highly recommend using one of the many off property services. Or, just go out the gate and get a tuk-tuk (5 bucks to Angkor Wat) and hire one of the many tour guides standing in front of the entrance (7 dollars for a full walking tour). The final price you pay shoul be about 1/3rd of what the guide asks for.

  • מצוין
    מאי 2016

    Great Hotel with a few glitches when we were there

    The facilities, the great rooms, the super bed, the pool, the breakfast and the attitude of the staff at reception.

    The noise of repair work around the pool started early morning and did not stop until nightfall. The roommaids need to get more training, ie; cleaning the room better, not leaving anything behind and understanding that TWO persons in a room need TWO shower caps. We had to ask for a second one several times. Also, the command of English of their staff is below international standards. Generally their prices for food and beverages are outrageously high. Better to eat downtown at Pub Street.

  • מצוין
    אפר׳ 2016

    The pool was absolutely amazing. The room was beautiful and very large as well. The hotel was quiet and peaceful and the staff were always so helpful and available when you needed them. The perfect place to stay to relax and have some peace and quiet!

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9.0 מצוין

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Sokha Angkor Resort - סיאם ריפ - בניין
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