The Adrian

493 Eddy Street, סן פרנסיסקו, CA 94109, ארצות הברית
+1 415 776 7307

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מבוסס על 528 חוות דעת
The Adrian - סן פרנסיסקו, CA, ארצות הברית
26.07 יום ב׳
27.07 יום ג׳
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26.07 יום ב׳
27.07 יום ג׳

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Double bed
לא ידוע
לא ידוע
לא ידוע
לא ידוע
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לא ידוע
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Double bed
Double bed

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  • גרוע
    יולי 2018

    Dirty smelly



  • גרוע
    אוק׳ 2017

    A Nightmare on Eddy Street.


    For starters, this so-called "hotel' is located in a very dangerous place of the city, called "the tenderloin" which classically has been known for being a place full of homeless people wandering the streets and the selling drugs and prostitution. The manger (Jesús Hernández) does its best to appear rude and hostile. Wee booked this hotel on Expedia since it was advertised as having breakfast included in the fare, but when we arrived, this little person said that our booking from Expedia, included NO BREAKFAST (which, after noticing how dirty and unsanitary the place was, we thought was good!). I'll just try to mention a few thing that made our stay there very uncomfortable, because I don't think I can remember all the bad things while in there: the price was too high for what you get (which is basically a bed in a very hot room since it has no air conditioning (and when complained about it, the manager simply answered "open the window"... The bathroom was without soap. The room has only two AC outlets. The most unbelievable thing was that in the night, a little army of critters started to come out and crawl over the walls and floor. The place was infested by COCKROACHES!! We sincerelly don't understand how this type of hazardous to the health of the traveler places are being advertised on sites like Expedia or TripAdvisor, and since you get all the reviews of the people, someone should take action and withdraw them from those sites. SF Sanitary services will be warned.

  • טוב
    ינו׳ 2017

    Parking is horrible!!

    This place was located in the most sketchy place in San Francisco, so we wouldn't recommend staying with children. We parked at the curb and the manager of the hotel said because of street sweeping starting at 6am, we would either need to move our car to another parking space or wake up at 6am to move it before the street sweeper came. So we set our alarms for 530am, couldn't sleep and decided at 12am to move the car to find a better parking space. We drove around the area for more than an hour. It was awful. Scary as hell and we were exhausted. We googled 24 hour parking and found only 1 place located 15 minutes away! This was at 130am. We walked back to the hotel from there and it was so sketchy. If you want to stay here on a budget, it's pretty good for that. But be forewarned, if you arrive in the evening ALL parking spaces are taken. The manager was nice and the place is clean and newer looking but at night you hear all the homeless people yelling outside.

  • בסדר
    אוג׳ 2016

    Convenient location.

    Decent rooms yet very noisy, bed was not the most comfortable and a broken elevator.

  • טוב
    יוני 2016

    Friendly Staff

    Staff was very accommodating. Close to Bart and two miles from fishermans warf.

    Little bit of a rough area. No tv remote. The shared bathroom is a little weird but not terrible.

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