Hibiscus Republique

66 Rue De Malte, 75011 פריז, צרפת
+33 1 47 00 34 34

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מבוסס על 12 חוות דעת
Hibiscus Republique - פריז, צרפת
02.08 יום ב׳
03.08 יום ג׳
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02.08 יום ב׳
03.08 יום ג׳

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  • טוב
    ינו׳ 2018

    The price was AWESOME

    I loved the price, the location, the staff except for the maid spoke English. Even though the "bad" side has more written, I would stay here again. THe price is awesome for the location. You are seriously a block off the Republic square, the metro is right outside, if you keep walking East, there are other businesses, Don't book this hotel if you need a place you intend to spend a significant amount of time in, this hotel is designed to be a place to crash after sight seeing all day. The Staff is very friendly.

    This place is SUPER SMALL, the price makes up for it, but be prepared for the smallness. The bathroom was updated, but the toilet was up against the wall, so people with wide hips need to sit sideways on it. The maid would knock and immediately barge in, if you told her to give you a second,she'd give about ONE SECOND. The staircase in this place is narrow and the elevator doesn't start until the second floor-ish. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone with bad knees, or accessibility issues (wheel chair, canes, unable to climb a lot of stairs, or carry themselves and their own luggage up a stair case), or larger people (space difficulties). Lastly, the vending machine doesn't work which made me sad.

  • בסדר
    אוק׳ 2017

    Great location. It is a budget hotel in Paris so go in with that expectation and you will be fine.

    They charge for WiFi. Weird amounts like 15 Euro for 20 hours. You have to buy a card. The booking sites make it seem like WiFi is included but it is not. Very cheap and unnecessary considering how WiFi is pretty easy to set up for any hotel and should just be offered as a basic convenience in 2017.

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5.7 בסדר

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