Rodeway Inn Fallsview

6663 Stanley Avenue, ניאגרה פולס, ON L2G 3Y9, קנדה
+1 905 354 2322

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Rodeway Inn Fallsview - ניאגרה פולס, ON, קנדה
29.07 יום ה׳
30.07 יום ו׳
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32.5 km

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29.07 יום ה׳
30.07 יום ו׳

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Double bed

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Queen bed

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King bed
King bed
King bed

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  • מצוין
    מאי 2017

    Nice staff very friendly

    In walking distance of the Falls.

    Pay to park.

  • טוב
    אוק׳ 2016

    It was okay for the money spent. Amy at the front desk was super helpful, giving us tips on what to do and how to get around. Bed wasn't super comfortable but it was tolerable. Close to the falls and convenient Wego stops.

  • מצוין
    ספט׳ 2016

    September at the Falls

    Exceptionally friendly, efficient, and helpful staff at front desk. Larger room space. Hotel is walking distance to bus stop and town. Good breakfast at reasonable price with nice waitress.

    No micro/fridge, but ice is available. Have to pay for parking, but $10 seems to be the going rate at most hotels.

  • מצוין
    אוק׳ 2015

    weekend getaway!

    The location was great we walked all over Niagra Falls and made the most of the trip. Zebb was very helpful, he gave my wife and I great dining ideas. He suggested on our first night we try The Syndicate, a local Brewery, he helped us with reservations and it was a fantastic dining experience. Thanks Zebb.

    The rooms could use a little updating and the airconditioner was a little noisy but overall we were only there to sleep. We spent our days out exploring.

  • מצוין
    יולי 2015

    Great Value

    Clean, comfortable, freindly, first time staying in a motel I was vacationing on a tight budget and stayed at rodeway and was in no way disappoint. Will visit again.

    Just to nitpick, the TV was outdated (notflat), but i don't go on vacation to watch TV.

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7.9 טוב

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