Niagara Rainbow Resort

7900 Niagara Falls Boulevard, ניאגרה פולס, NY 14304, ארצות הברית
+1 716 283 8383

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Niagara Rainbow Resort
ג' 19.10
ד' 20.10
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ג' 19.10
ד' 20.10
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2.5 רע
יתרונות:The only positive thing I can say about this place is that it was close to our destination and it had many outlets but the bad definitely outweigh the bad.

חסרונות:It stank and was dirty. There were blood stains on the sheets. The room was not as described as all. We were told it was a queen double bed w kitchenette and the beds were full sized with no kitchenette. The sink in the bathroom was a stainless steel kitchen sink. The faucet and shower head was barley attached to the tub and the door had been previously forced open. They also were unwilling to give a refund even though we paid $60 per room yet the sign out from stated $29.99.

6.8 בסדר
יתרונות:I can't imagin I can see a huge bathtub in this motel. It can contain whole family!

חסרונות:furniture are old. a little bit dirty room.

2.0 רע

חסרונות:Photos were not like the actual place, do not stay here, dirty, nonsmoking rooms smell like smoke pool unusable no toiletries not even soap

2.0 רע
יתרונות:There's nothing I liked about this place. I was scared to death.

חסרונות:Dirty, Scary, seems like druggies, homeless, and prostitutes come to this place. The place stinks. As I was entering the room, it smelt rotten, bed was ripped and stained, furnitures are all worn out, toilet paper roll was on ground for you to use, light doesn't even have a cover. I couldn't stay, so I asked for refund, but no luck. Their website is even fake. This place can't even be called a motel. I can't believe that this place is even listed here.

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7900 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Niagara Falls, NY 14304

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  • Niagara Rainbow Resort ממוקם בכתובת 7900 Niagara Falls Boulevard, 6.7 ק"מ ממרכז העיר ניאגרה פולס. תחנת הרכבת של אמטרק בניאגרה פולז ניו-יורק - נקודת הציון הקרובה ביותר לNiagara Rainbow Resort.

  • לא, בNiagara Rainbow Resort לא מציעים גישה חינם ל- Wi-Fi.

  • לא, בNiagara Rainbow Resort לא מציעים חניה חינם.

  • לא, בNiagara Rainbow Resort לא מציעים שירות הסעות חינם ל/משדה התעופה.

  • Niagara Rainbow Resort נמצא במרחק של 3.2 ק"מ מניאגרה פולס. Niagara Rainbow Resort נמצא במרחק של 25.7 ק"מ מבאפלו.

  • לא, בNiagara Rainbow Resort אין בריכה במקום.

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