Vanderbilt Ymca

224 East 47th Street, ניו יורק, NY 10017, ארצות הברית
+1 212 912 2506

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Vanderbilt Ymca - ניו יורק, NY, ארצות הברית
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02.08 יום ב׳
03.08 יום ג׳

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  • טוב
    נוב׳ 2019

    Location was good.


  • בסדר
    אוק׳ 2018

    The only good things is location

    Location only was good inconvenience

    The staff and the facilities of the hotel was incomplete and for the class hostel it was so terrible. The room was tide and small no mirror no cabinet and etc just plce to sleep

  • מצוין
    אפר׳ 2018


    Facility failure

  • בסדר
    יוני 2017

    Saw decline in services this visit

    I choose to stay at Vanderbilt YMCA because it is so convenient and yet does not cost hundreds of dollars a night.

    After staying there several times over the past four years for up to a week at a time, I may change my mind if the quality continues to decline. Each time I've been, the services have gotten worse. I'm not talking about the 25 year old TVs that are so big they are a predominate feature in the room nor am I talking about the creakiness of the bunk beds when you turn over at night, nor the carpet that hasn't been changed in over a decade. I can live with these for three to six nights (our typical stay). I'm talking about asking for an extra pillow each day for two days and never getting it. I could understand if it was overlooked once but when I didn't get it the first night, I asked again and still didn't get it. In addition, our room was not made up one day until almost 5:00. One day the top bunk was not made up but the sheets just laid on the bed in a bundle. Another night the top bunk sheet was made but the blanket was not put on it. So I will try them again but if the quality of service and attitude of the staff continue to degrade we will not be back.

  • בסדר
    מאי 2017

    Totally unsafe.

    I liked the in-room fridge, the proximity to the subway, and the workout facilities. These were the best things about the place.

    I didn't like that the staff puts men in rooms next to the women's bathrooms and showers. I also really didn't like that the women's shower room didn't lock properly, which left women vulnerable during their shower time. I checked out after one night because that made me very nervous. The cleaning staff was loud, the front desk staff didn't care about the lock on the shower room door, and only one elevator was working.

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אודות Vanderbilt Ymca

7.2 טוב

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