Hotel Atlas Residence

Schwanthalerstraße 63, 80336 מינכן, בוואריה, גרמניה
+49 89 159 256 890

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Hotel Atlas Residence - מינכן, גרמניה
30.07 יום ו׳
31.07 שבת
בצע השוואה מול KAYAK |

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30.07 יום ו׳
31.07 שבת

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  • גרוע
    ספט׳ 2016

    Dirty run down Hotel


    Dirty and semmed like it had not been maintained for years.

  • גרוע
    יולי 2016

    A dump - do not stay here

    The location of the hotel near the train station was convenient.

    What isn't there to like? I don't know where to start. So, let's start at the beginning. Reserving a room through Kayak/Agoda was easy enough. Check in on time was impossible as the person working at the reception desk could not figure out how to check us in on her computer. No problem: We dropped off our bags and walked around the city for a few hours. When we returned, we were allowed to check in, and directed to a room past a hazardous walkway of uneven flooring. Upon opening the door, which was barely attached to the frame, we were greeted by dirty floors, the strong scent of cigarettes, and a towel in the wall. What's a towel in the wall, you might ask? It's simply a neatly rolled up towel that was placed to plug a large hole in the wall that faces the outside. Unbelievable. I wish this review tool would allow me to submit photos because the place was so awful, we had to spend a few minutes taking pictures. Luckily for us, Agoda allowed us to cancel the reservation, and we stayed at the Marriott Courtyard a block away for just a few Euros more.

לא נמצאו חוות דעת. נסה להסיר מסנן, לשנות את החיפוש או לנקות הכל ‏כדי לקבל תצוגה של חוות דעת.

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6.8 טוב

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