Sixty Six Resort

6060 Indian Creek Drive, מיאמי ביץ', FL 33140, ארצות הברית
+1 305 865 2565

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Sixty Six Resort - מיאמי ביץ', FL, ארצות הברית
29.07 יום ה׳
30.07 יום ו׳
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29.07 יום ה׳
30.07 יום ו׳
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  • בינוני
    יולי 2018

    Dirty rooms

    The location is great even thought the parking thing is a big scam

    Shower full of hair, drowers with pills and previous guest things. Courtains look dirty also.

  • בינוני
    מרץ 2018

    Horrible experience!

    Absolutely nothing.

    I purchased two nights at this hotel with two queen beds. Upon arrival, the supervisor Luis informed me that the room I purchased was not available and that the only room available was smaller and had only one bed in it. Not sure how they can just give my room away with no notification but whatever, I agreed to take the room, but only if the rate would be discounted since the room available was not the room I purchased initially. The supervisor informed me that there was nothing that they could do, he stated this sort of thing happens all the time and we either had to take the smaller room at the SAME price or he was adimate about just cancelling my reservation altogether and have me to look for another room. UNPROFESSIONAL!! How do you tell a customer to “find somewhere else to stay” when it’s the company who made the mistake? I thought businesses were in to MAKE money not give it away! So after a long fought battle with kayak customer service, they were able to contact the hote and I was finally able to get the room discounted. The manager Louis was in NO way hospitable and furthermore gave your hotel a bad name. I can say with a clear conscience that I will never stay at any hotel affiliated with the Sixty Six resort and I will be sure to spread the word as well. This stay at your residence was an experience I never want to have again. Horrible!!

  • בינוני
    ינו׳ 2017

    Location was pretty good

    No wifi No duvet cover Phone doesn't work Couch dirty Some sockets not working Safe not working and not fixed to wall Not able to access terrace No coat hangers Only three pillows One lift not working and other one very slow Pool and hot tub cold and dirty Hot tub not working No bar Receptionist not helpful Paint work badly finished everywhere Water in shower stopped half way through shower!

  • בינוני
    אפר׳ 2015

    No carpet in room, terrible furniture, broken appliances. Worst place I've stayed in many years. When we were checking out they tried to charge an extra $15 "service fee," even though the pool was broken and the room was terrible. I would never recommend sixty sixty resort to anyone. It's overpriced and not worth the money. Just stay somewhere else in Miami.

  • בינוני
    פבר׳ 2015

    Terrible Customer Service

    The location is pretty good and the view isn't too bad for the price.

    When we first walked into the room we were hit by a terrible stench, we thought it might just be the smell of the room since all hotels have their own distinct scent so we just turned on the AC hoping it would go away. Later on, we realized that the fridge was leaking and that was causing the smell. Not only was the carpet around the fridge soaked, but the smell around that area was terrible. We went downstairs to speak to the gentleman at the front desk about our issue and he said he couldn't get us into a different room because the only other available room was dirty, so we were stuck there for the night, and did not even mention reimbursing us for our inconvenience. We insisted that he go upstairs to check out the smell and he agreed that it wasn't normal and that the fridge was the root of the issue, still no mention of any discount. We had to ask him to waive some sort of fee for our inconvenience and he wrote a note to take care of our $15 fee in the morning, which we had to remind the other gentleman of. Needless to say, we spent the night with the coldest AC possible in order to make the smell less pungent and it was one of our worst hotel stays. Between the lousy customer service and the nasty room, we will not be coming back to this establishment, felt like a total rip off.

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