Clifton Hotel South Beach

1343 Collins Avenue, מיאמי ביץ', FL 33139, ארצות הברית
+1 305 455 1630
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Clifton Hotel South Beach
ד' 26.01
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ד' 26.01
ה' 27.01
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Double Rooms(₪351 - ₪502)
Double room
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  • אינטרנט
  • Wi-Fi


  • מסעדה
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  • דלפק קבלה 24 שעות ביממה


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2.5 רע
חסרונות:The vent by the door has been actively pouring water intermittently and the issue has gone unaddressed. I was told that it would be looked at by maintenance but nothing was fixed. I was then told that I would get a free night. Smh The vent is actively pouring and the carpet is soaked; nobody has come to attempt to dry or clean the carpet. The sink has been draining slow in the bathroom and we have been forced to walk around our trash can when entering the room because we have it there to catch the water from the vent. We also went without water for hours due to another issue in the building and that was an inconvenience as well not being able to take showers, use the bathroom or brush our teeth in our own room. We were then told to keep the temperature above 70 degrees or cut it off to stop the vent from leaking. As you know the temperatures are extremely hot in Miami and we aren’t able to open the windows. At times it was hotter in the room than it was outside, so we were forced to deal with the pouring water or be extremely hot and uncomfortable in our room. My vacation has been ruined by my experience at this hotel. I travel very often and this is by far the worst experience. The issue has been raised on multiple occasions to several staff members and not one person has stepped up, accepted responsibility or attempted to find an indefinite solution to the issue. The condition of room 237 is unacceptable and I am requesting that my room is comped in its entirety due the poor conditions and the negligence of the maintenance and management team.
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1343 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

מה בסביבה

  • Miami Beach Architectural District346 מטר
  • חוף לומוס פארק0.4 ק"מ
  • מרכז המבקרים ארט דקו0.5 ק"מ
  • Peter Lik Miami0.8 ק"מ
  • אושן דרייב0.8 ק"מ
  • Lincoln Road Mall0.9 ק"מ
  • דרך לינקולן0.9 ק"מ
  • אנדרטת הזיכרון לשואה1.3 ק"מ
  • המוזיאון היהודי של פלורידה1.4 ק"מ
  • Miami City Ballet1.5 ק"מ
  • Miami Beach Golf Club2 ק"מ
  • פארק סאות' פוינט2.1 ק"מ


צ'ק אין / צ'ק-אאוט

צ'ק-אין בכל עת אחרי 15:00, צ'ק אאוט בכל עת לפני 10:00

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מדיניות הביטולים/תשלום מראש משתנה לפי סוג החדר והספק.

שאלות נפוצות למזמינים בClifton Hotel South Beach

  • Clifton Hotel South Beach ממוקם ב 1343 Collins Avenue ב סאות' ביץ', 3.2 ק"מ ממרכז מיאמי ביץ'. Miami Beach Architectural District - נקודת הציון הקרובה ביותר לClifton Hotel South Beach.

  • בClifton Hotel South Beach זמן הצ'ק-אין הוא 15:00 וזמן הצ'ק-אאוט הוא 10:00.

  • לא, בClifton Hotel South Beach לא מציעים גישה חינם ל- Wi-Fi.

  • לא, בClifton Hotel South Beach לא מציעים חניה חינם.

  • לא, בClifton Hotel South Beach לא מציעים שירות הסעות חינם ל/משדה התעופה.

  • Clifton Hotel South Beach נמצא במרחק של 15.6 ק"מ ממיאמי. Clifton Hotel South Beach נמצא במרחק של 31.9 ק"מ מפורט לודרדייל.

  • לא, בClifton Hotel South Beach אין בריכה במקום.

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