Rogue Valley Inn

500 North Riverside Avenue, מדפורד, OR 97501, ארצות הברית
+1 541 773 3676

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Rogue Valley Inn - מדפורד, OR, ארצות הברית
23.07 יום ו׳
24.07 שבת
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23.07 יום ו׳
24.07 שבת

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  • גרוע
    ינו׳ 2016


    The rooms were dirty, pee on toilet seat, dirty mirror

  • בינוני
    אוק׳ 2015

    it has extended stay discounts. you get what you

    Staff was friendly.

    Nasty rooms-the one we were in had fleas and ants. It's in a bad part of town. People yelling and shouting outside all into the night. The TV is from 1985, and the door was missing a deadbolt. Just don't stay here.

  • גרוע
    אוג׳ 2015

    It was a real dump, dirty and the first room assigned me smelled like a smoke factory. The second was only slightly better. The place is filled with seedy long term residents and I have a handicapped daughter and had to park way far away from the room. NEVER again!

  • מצוין
    יולי 2015

    I would stay here again!

    The staff was friendly. The room was clean. The sheets and blankets were so white they could have been new. The bed was soft and the TV was huge! The best part it was very affordable. If i ever find myself back in medford I will definitely go back.

    The room smelled like Indian food. Not a big deal I just got a candle and problem solved.

  • גרוע
    יוני 2015


    Absolutely not one thing

    Blood stains, cigarette burns, bug residue, broken lock, no fire alarm, dirt, completely disgusting conditions and such a terrible smell. I beg you - Please do not stay here - my girlfriend and I were traveling from Yosemite to Portland and decided to stay here - after quickly realizing that reviews online are completely fabricated - it was all downhill from here - we literally were scared for our life - we went downstairs to leave and get refunded and the lady at the front had left for the night and left a number which she never answered. We were checking for bed bugs all night - slept in our sleeping bags and piled chairs and tables by the door. I confronted the lady in the morning - no apology - just a smug look and said "oh, I'll look into that" I was appalled - left and promised to make sure that nobody else gets stuck here - PLEASE DO NOT STAY HERE!!! I will be reporting this place to authorities.

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4.6 בסדר

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