Scottish Inn

2600 Gateway Drive, קילין, TX 76542, ארצות הברית
+1 254 526 8208

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Scottish Inn - קילין, TX, ארצות הברית
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  • בסדר
    אפר׳ 2016

    Not what we thought it would be.

    Great location, within walking distance of HEB. Received a call while on our way there to check on us and make sure we had the right Scottish Inns (apparently there are two in Killeen). The one staff member who actually spoke fluent English was really nice.

    BREAKFAST WAS NOT SERVED BECAUSE: "There were only 7 guests that night. We only do that on weekends." If you say there's breakfast, there should be breakfast, through from the reviews I'm not sure we would have been able to eat it. You can at least put out some cereal or something. The cleaning staff was not accommodating to our privacy/needs as we were getting ready to leave when they came in and were still trying to use our room. We asked them if they could come back a little latter and they said it was now or not at all. My PS4 measured the wi-fi speed at less than 2Mbps, which is barely usable. The front desk was usually vacant. It was very hard to find anyone to accommodate us, and almost no one there spoke English well or could communicate effectively. There was no coffee pot in our room and the freezer portion of the refrigerator did not freeze well. The microwave also had knobs instead of buttons and was very difficult to use and did not cook well. There are other hotels nearby in similar price ranges that we will try next time.

  • טוב
    מרץ 2015

    Would not stay there again.

    The location and overall look of the hotel was pleasant.

    The staff seemed uncaring or did not care to understand my explanation as to what needed to be done when the wifi did not work on the video gaming consoles. Upstairs prostitutes were staying, as we witnessed pimp looking guys and vehicles outside waiting for them, as the girls marched down the stairs, and into their pimp's vehicles. We were in the last room towards the back, while they were right above us, hence us hearing their high heels make loud noise as they walked around their room.

לא נמצאו חוות דעת. נסה להסיר מסנן, לשנות את החיפוש או לנקות הכל ‏כדי לקבל תצוגה של חוות דעת.

אודות Scottish Inn

7.3 טוב

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