Baan Hanibah

6 Moonmuang Rd. Soi 8, A.Muang, צ'אנג מאי 50200, תאילנד
+66 53 287 524

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מבוסס על 70 חוות דעת
Baan Hanibah - צ'אנג מאי, תאילנד
06.08 יום ו׳
07.08 שבת
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צ'אנג מאי

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3.7 km

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06.08 יום ו׳
07.08 שבת

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  • בסדר
    נוב׳ 2019

    It was in an older beautiful converted home that had lovely dark wood and a sense of being back in time, traditional. The front area was quite charming and lovely with its areas to lounge and relax outside. A very lovely space. The people working here were very sweet

    The curtains were sheer and see through and didn’t block out any light, so I was awakened with the sunrise and the only way I could go back to sleep was by putting a towel over my head. The water pressure in the shower just drizzled out of the shower head and didn’t even spray forward a little... there was a bit of a musty smell in the room... also the WiFi didn’t work most of the night. I always book at a hotel for just one night at a time, to see if I like it before I decide to stay longer. Needless to say, I did not extend my reservation. At this price point, some of these basic amenities should be taken care of - water pressure and curtains so guests can sleep. I stayed at Icon Park hotel up the street, which is a brand new hotel and has all brand new amenities - for slightly less than the cost of Baan Haniban. Although it has a rustic charm it isn’t up to modern standards on some basic fundamentals unfortunately . I had thought it might be nice to stay in a traditional building, but when those basics were missing, I just went back to icon park .

  • מצוין
    ספט׳ 2014

    Great location; excellent staff (who speak English well). Great value.

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9.4 מצוין

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Baan Hanibah - צ'אנג מאי - פטיו
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Baan Hanibah - צ'אנג מאי - פטיו
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  • Wat Chiang Mun0.5 ק"מ
  • אמנות מקומית ומרכז תרבות צ'יאנג מאי0.5 ק"מ
  • וואט צ'די לואנג0.6 ק"מ
  • Chiang Mai Gate1 ק"מ
  • השוק הלילי של צ'אנג מיי1 ק"מ

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7.6 טוב (24 חוות דעת)
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7.8 טוב (119 חוות דעת)
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8.5 מצוין (110 חוות דעת)
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7.9 טוב (165 חוות דעת)
0.08 ק"מ