Melrose Inn

4867 Melrose Avenue, לוס אנג'לס, CA 90029, ארצות הברית
+1 323 372 5999

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מבוסס על 2 חוות דעת
Melrose Inn - לוס אנג'לס, CA, ארצות הברית
03.08 יום ג׳
04.08 יום ד׳
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03.08 יום ג׳
04.08 יום ד׳
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  • בינוני
    מרץ 2018

    The Inn is run without any staff present and often not even available by phone. I arrived at 5pm and no one answered the door. There was a message that at 3pm a code was sent out that could be used to open the locked doors of a front and another code for the assigned room. I advertising this miserable place, there is NO indication of this unusual arrangement for Check-in time. Could it be that I was the first customer who had no connection to a Los Angeles wifi? as it turned out, my cell phone was not picking up anything cellular. At one point, someone came out who did not identify himself but he said that he could give me the passes if I gave him the codes. IHe literally pushed me out of the door when I could not get my computer going. SOne arriving guest lent me a cell phone but there was no more answer from an outside phone that there was from the phone on the wall. I am 72 years old and disabled. It was an unseasonably cold night. I was shivering wait outside. Finally, I borrowed an entering client's phone and called the police. this place must be closed down I am considering taking legal measures against the travel services that presented this property to me and will be writing blogs describing this brutal treatment of a property that had no one available in person or by phone to process customers. The police promised to make its own investigation. hl

  • מצוין
    פבר׳ 2018

    The cleanliness and the room

    Random people smoking pot outside of the house. Watched them out of our window. Good thing we were already in for the night.

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7.0 טוב

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